Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6 Sticks of Butter

I stepped on the scale today, and I am down 1.5 pounds! Every Wednesday is weigh-in day in our house and today we had a good result. Curtis is down 2 pounds....8 sticks of butter.

In an effort to provide a visual aid, Weight Watchers has come up with everyday items that serve as comparisons to the pounds that you lose. Sticks of butter, a sack of potatoes, even cantaloupes!
Today, I am down 7.1 pounds in my first month which is 1 sack of potatoes plus 8 sticks of butter, and I am more than half-way to getting rid of 8 medium cantaloupes! Alright!! Cantaloupe shedding is a good thing!

Now the real celebration will come when all 32 cantaloupes have said their good-byes...


Rick said...

I've been doing WW also, since March 6, and I don't know how I would have lost my 50 pounds without that program.

Tony said...


Thanks for saying hi. I really like what you said in an earlier post about wanting to feel good about yourself vs. worrying about what others think of your image.

I am coming to quickly realize that our motivation for getting healthy has to be a desire to feel good about us not a desire for others to feel good about us.

Good luck. Stop by and say hi every now and then.