Friday, June 22, 2007


Today, the little baby in our family is turning 16. I reflect back on the last 16 years of Mary's life, and I am so happy that I have been there for it all.

The day my parents had told us they were pregnant....again, I turned into a typical 11 year old, and threw a fit. Yes, a fit. How embarrassing to even admit that. After already having two small boys in the house, plus us three girls, my life immediately flashed before me. Or shall I say the lack of a life. I thought it was over. I would never be able to have my friends over, because the baby was sleeping. I would have to deal with MORE poopy diapers, and spit up?? For real?? Pretty soon though, that feeling went away. We were going to have another SISTER! A baby girl! I can remember how exciting it was to think that there would be another baby, but this time a girl. And so starts the story of Mary in all of our lives. I was in Washingtgon, DC with my friend Ashley, on the day she was born. To this day, I wished I was there. I remember the overwhelming excitement I felt to get home to meet her. This tiny little girl. After having Nate and Nick around, it was such a joy to have this little girl to cuddle and love. As she grew she started to develop the most adorable blonde hair and dimples on her cheeks. She was our little Mar-Bear. She still is. It has been one of the greatest delights in this world being a sister to all of my siblings, but something is very special about Mary. She is the baby of the family and in some sense she will always be that to me. Thinking about her getting her license has me feeling like a mother hen again. I cannot believe she is old enough to drive already! She has grown into this beautiful woman, full of life and intelligence. She has unmatched athletic skills far beyond the abilities of her older sisters, her brothers and even her Dad on the golf course. She is a lot like me in many ways. Meticulous, a perfectionist and even maybe a bit of a sore loser. Definitely a woman after my own heart. I love her so much. What a joy to watch her grow, and to continue to be a part of her life. I love you Mar-Bear! Happy Birthday!

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Dad said...

2 of my great daughters- I love you both