Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just call me SpongeEm Square Pants

It has come to my attention that my body is a sponge. Absorbing water and holding onto it with all it's might. I haven't stopped my weigh-in-daily habit, which is why I came to realize that this body of mine LOVES water. I couldn't figure out how it was possible to lose 3 pounds in one day, until I asked "body" what was going on and it responded with:

"I am a sponge. I like water. The only thing I refuse to part with is water. You take my fat away, and I will keep your water."

To which I then responded with a polite "screw you."

So, today you can call me SpongeEm Square Pants. Because that is what I feel like right now. A big yellow sponge.

(Oh and if you are wondering if I have conversations with myself like this on a daily basis then the answer to that is yes; yes, I do.)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Here is the video I promised you.

Pretty neat, eh?

(It cuts out early. Of which, I am very sorry for.)

Steve Winwood, Dear Mr. Fantasy, July 28, 2007

I Went Down to the Crossroads....

....fell down on my knees!!
(For real...by the end of the night, we were curtsying to the musicians!)

Wow! What a great weekend we had. We went to the Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Bridgeview, Illinois. What a day! The lineup was fantastic, we could not have asked for more. I am going to cut to the chase and put up some photos. No explanation is needed....we had a great day, and we even managed to dance off most of the hot-dogs and beer that we ate, too.

I bought a new camera, a Canon Powershot SD1000 Elph. This little guy was the best investment for this trip. We needed something small, and I didn't even realize that it could record, too. BONUS! I will post the minute long blurb from "Dear Mr. Fantasy" via Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray and Willie Weeks. YEEEEEEE!!!

Look at all the people! They came from everywhere! We saw license plates from all over the country.

Toyota Park was a neat venue. Everything was outside, the entire stadium. It was very intimate, but also allowed for you to move around and get some "fresh" air. This was a perfect choice for this concert!

Our MC was Bill Murray. Hilarious!

Alison Krauss and Union Station

Sheryl Crow, Alison Krauss and Union Station

John Mayer: Wow, I am in love.

Jeff Beck: One of Curtis' favorites

Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Doyle Bramhall and Robert Cray:

Steve Winwood (and Eric! AND ERIC!!!) singing a favorite of mine: Presence of the Lord

Look at that sky!

Some of my favorite highlights:

--Alison Krauss coming out at just the right time to get everyone dancing. She came out about 3pm. Perfect. Timing.
--John Mayer singing "Waiting on the World To Change" while the entire crowd sang along
--Vince Gill, Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow all on stage together....Wow.
--BB King singing "Rock Me, Baby"....one of my favorite songs. Ever.
--Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi are a powerhouse together. Go see them if they are touring in your area. Some of the best guitar of the evening came from these two.
--Robert Randolph: This guy rocks his keyboard, sitting down, old-school blues style. With his knees hitting the keyboard. These guys can JAM!! (can't wait to see them on Thursday at the Frederick Meijer Gardens!)
--Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton on stage together. We started to weep (no lie) when they were singing "Dear Mr. Fantasy". This was the best moment of the entire evening. Hands down. Video to come.
--Buddy Guy...nuff' said. What an honor to be in his presence. I was shaking so badly I couldn't get a single good picture of the guy!

We have seen so much amazing music in the last year. The Who---twice, Eric Clapton (solo with Derek Trucks Band this past fall), The Police, Robert Randolph and the Family Band (we are seeing him AGAIN this Thursday)....after the lineup we just saw, I think I am set for awhile!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Weigh In Day: Week 9

Week 9 was a rough week. We ate out a lot over the weekend, but we remained on plan for the remainder of the week. We worked out almost every day and I cooked 3 nights out of the 4 we have had so far.

I am down 2.2 lbs for a total of 12.4!! WOO HOO! That puts me 9.7 lbs away from my 10% goal! SWEET!
Curtis is just nearing the 200 mark and wants so badly to get there, so we are working it extra hard this week.

We are headed to the Eric Clapton Crossroads Music Fest this weekend in Chicago. That equals food! and lots of beer. I am going to the grocery store and picking up some healthy snacks to keep in our hotel room. Thank goodness for small refrigerators in hotel rooms, right? We will be at Toyota Park from 12 noon until who knows when, so I am going to try my darnedest not to blow it!
Think about us and all that tempting soccer-park food, okay?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


When I first started this blog, I mulled over whether or not I was going to share it with my family and friends. I tend to think some might find themselves censoring a bit of what they say as not to stir the pot. When I did tell everyone about this place, I also told myself that I would not limit what I said here. This is my online journal. These are my private thoughts. Take it or leave it.


Both of my sisters have shown me in the past couple of weeks that I must not be the sister that I should be. I try so bloody hard to always make sure that I am there for them, that I listen to them. I also want some respect in return. I am an opinionated person. They do not always like what I have to say, but it is what I have to say. I want respect when it comes to my words.

Recently, events in their lives have indicated to me that I am a shitty sister. I have lost all my confidence in our relationships with each other. It feels as though whatever I do, nothing will ever be enough. Whether it be that my opinion is not the one they want to hear, or that I don't agree with their actions, or whatever the blue sky brings. I don't ever feel like I have enough compassion, enough of the right words to say, enough of a listening ear, enough anything.

I cannot win this everlasting battle. I either leave the conversation stressed out, or totally wondering what in the world just happened. I try so hard. I don't think they realize how hard I really try. My husband told me last night, after a big argument with one of my sisters, that maybe this is the way it will always be. Maybe I am not meant to have these relationships with them that I so desperately want. Maybe it is not me. Maybe it is me. Who knows. What I do know, is that this is not the way it should be. Given our past, the loss of our mother at a very young age, we should be as close-knit as a winter hat. But, we aren't. It is our past that they seem to not be able to let go of. I am trying hard to do just that. To put all the ugly stuff behind us and move on with our lives. I am different than them and I need to remember that. Sometimes I wish they would realize the same thing about me.

I am worn...totally, 100% worn out. I am so tired of never being enough of what they need from me. I am most sorry for exactly that.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask....

One of my favorite bloggers, Andrea Scher @ Superhero really got me thinking when she put this blog post up: Go here to read it.

Sometimes when we really need things in life, we need to ask for them. I have been feeling stagnant at my job, so I have asked God to give me something else to fulfill me. I thought it would come my way in the form of a hobby or other time-wasting, fulfilling activity. Instead, it came to me in an opportunity of all places...at work.

I was asked to help my boss' wife with her store in downtown Holland. Many of you know that I work for a heavy equipment dealer (read: bulldozers, man-lifts and other non-girly items). My job is challenging because we all know I am a far cry from being anything close to a construction worker, or even someone who likes to play in the mud. I come here, I do my job, I learn about the industry on a regular basis and I have fun while I am here. But, there has been a lack of passion about the product and the industry I am in. (Curtis is disagreeing with me, thinking about the moments in Amsterdam where we had to pause to take a picture of a JLG boom-lift) Accounting is a broad field and we accountant-folk fit into all business types, so it is to be expected that I could even work for a pig farmer, and well, I would still do my job and do it well.

Today I went and met with the other owner, my boss' mother-in-law and we discussed how I could help them. I went in not really prepared to be 'hired'. I mean, I already have a job! The idea was for me to see if I could help, but in no way did I expect that she would be so open to me helping her out. She was outwardly impressed with the skills that I have. She even called me a "Godsend". I felt all giddy and nostalgic, like the girl who just graduated from college and was told by her first 'real' boss that she was a good employee; that she mattered to the business, to the field that she was in. I think I have lost a bit of my self-confidence in this field. I am taking it too personally that the place I have put two years in, doesn't want my opinion on certain things. They are stuck in their ways. "Mother-in-law" is stuck in her ways too, but she wants help. This is something I have been yearning for. An answer to prayer.

There are two parts to this story that are even better:

I have received one raise in 2 years of working here. I work hard. I play hard, too. I have been wanting an increase in vacation and/or a raise for awhile now. Not because I am greedy, but because I want some... just a smidgen, of recognition. To know that I matter here and that what I am doing is benefiting this company. Today, I asked for a raise. And I am going to get one. See, all you have to do is ASK! How easy it was, too.

The second great part of this story is that the place in Holland is a high-end women's clothing and shoe store. I will be able to mix up my weeks with going from the mud-slinging shop that I currently work in, to a store filled with candles, and jeans, and purses, and shoes....Oh. My.

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Dark Ages of Diet Food

My grocery store is stuck in the year 1900. It doesn't want to give me the wonderful diet foods that these companies have worked so hard to produce (read: hundreds of thousands of dollars to research and development). I am going to start making a list of all of the foods that I have not been able to find in my local grocery store. It's really starting to mess up this diet plan!!

If any of you 'locals' know where to find this stuff, give me a holler. But, I fear that with no Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, I am up a crick without a paddle. Some of them are so basic, though. It's frustrating and I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart....even for the sake of my diet.

1) Hormel Turkey Pepperoni----I want it now!

2) Wonder Bread LITE---why can't you carry the lite version, too? I am especially interested in their buns. I can't find a lite bun for my life!

3) Fage greek yogurt

4) Western Alternative Bagels

5) All the light ice cream!! I hear about these wonderful things on Hungry Girl, then I go searching and I can't find a single one. Umph. A girl needs her ice cream!

The good news:
Fresh Market has finally moved into town. I wonder what goodies they will have. I am hoping that they carry some different labels then what all of the regular grocery stores around here carry. We need some diversity!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Swish, swish....

The waves were so calm and collected on Sunday morning. They had been resting after a long day of skim board contests and little feet running through their blue waters. The beach was busy on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, the sky was blue, the water temperature was just right. We could not have asked for a better weekend to grace the beach with our presence.

Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed out on our little adventure. You see, we have jam packed this summer to the brim, knowing that our lives might become more than just "our lives" here very soon. We like our freedom, but we yearn for something more. These weekends away, as welcome as they are, don't quite compare to the hustle and bustle that will someday fill our household. I know, I know...all of you with little ones are telling me to hold my tongue, but we know what the inevitability of this life will bring and we are excited. We are excited for the next stage in our lives.

We decided to start in Holland where we putzed around for the first part of the day. The shopping in Holland is incomparable and we could have walked 8th Street for hours. We had a little lunch and headed up the lake shore for our final destination. We arrived to a bustling beach, all clad with women in bikinis, babies in strollers and boats galore. There was not a cloud in the sky.

We checked into our hotel, which is right on the channel and we settled ourselves in. It was so nice to be right downtown in Grand Haven. It was my first time doing this and not having to worry about where to park, or worse yet, getting a parking ticket. We walked around the area for a long time admiring the boats slipped up right along the channel. Everyone laughing, eating, drinking...having a good time. It is these moments that make me appreciate this beautiful state even more. We are lucky. Lucky to have all of this water, all of these outdoor activities at our fingertips! Who could ask for more?

On Sunday morning we awoke to an awesome breakfast filling the air. We ran downstairs, grabbed some coffee and fruit and headed to the beach one last time. This blog post would not be complete without a set of photos from our trip, so here it goes! Have a great week everyone!

Our view from the hotel room:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Splish, Splash....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, July 20, 2007

Weigh In Day: Week 8

We changed the weigh in day to Friday. It seems to make more sense for us than Wednesday ever did.

I maintained this week and I am very happy with that. I have been doing what is right and I am losing inches. I won't let the scale get me down.

Some non-scale victories this week:

--I tightened my belt up one loop! YAY!
which subsequently lead to...

--being able to slip on a pair of one-size-smaller pants and still being able to breathe. I wore them for the whole day!

--I managed to drink all of my water and eat all of my vegetables/fruits

--I ate mostly good during our time away from home this week (minus a little pizza post-concert)


We have a fun weekend planned. We are going to the Harbor House in Grand Haven on Saturday night. Just to get away. My grandmother has a cottage on Lake Michigan but it's just not as simple as it once was, so we have decided not to let Grand Haven miss us this year. I am hoping that we might be able to stop over and go for a dip at Nana's too. We shall see!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Village and the Police

Tuesday night turned out to be one of the best concert experiences in our long list of musical highlights. We arrived a bit late but just in time for Walking on the Moon, which of course is a great way to start out the dance party that was inevitable. The set list was awesome. It was put together in such a way that the crowd always remained on their feet and there was never a dull moment.

The reviews of this tour have been mixed. I don't know if it is the older crowd expecting their 'old' Police or what. The general consensus seems to be that the songs are a bit more diluted, slower perhaps, and even a bit jumbled. We didn't notice any of this. All I heard was some fantastic music belting out from the once quiet instruments of these three talented men. They rocked. They rocked like they were 25 again. It was quite the sight and one I will never forget.

Here are some of the highlights that I noted along the way:

Steward Copeland plays the drums like a true rockstar: He did not disappoint. They kept flashing to him on the jumbo-tron and he was in the groove. Never without a smile on his face.

Andy Summers is a mean, mean guitar player. I like to think that I am (or 'we are', considering I don't play the guitar) a pretty good judge of guitar talent. Andy Summers?? He doesn't lack one bit. The guy was jamming out like it was 1978.

Sting...oh Sting. What more can I say?? With your tight spandex on and your muscle T. Megan and I could not have been happier. Oh and we were wondering...what is your beauty secret?? We want some of that "I haven't aged a bit" that you seem to have bottled up somewhere.

Overall, this concert goes down as one of the best we have ever seen. Right along side all of our other classic rock favorites....you, The Police, rocked just like the rest.


Yesterday, we decided ahead of time that we would hit up the Detroit Institute of Arts, or DIA as us Michiganders call it. Unfortunately, we got there to find out that it was closed until November for remodeling. We then decided; only because we had directions, that we would go to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. Remember that Declaration of Independence that we needed to pickup for Curtis?? Well, he got it! And I got a cool shot of one of the 30 actual copies that still remain.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

There was a neat exhibit called "Rock Stars' Cars and Guitars" and they had quite the collection. John Lennon's 1965 Psychedelic Rolls Royce was my favorite. The backseat folded down into a bed!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We also saw the Rosa Parks bus, Kennedy's famous limo and one of the biggest locomotives in the world, the Allegheny. It was quite the day!

I will leave you now with a picture of the quartet that was singing for us at Greenfield Village. There was a young girl named, Margie, who had broken her leg and they were singing a little ditty for Miss Margie. It was so cute! She was so embarrassed!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Police

No, I didn't get arrested last night.

We are going to see The Police tonight, in concert. Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, IN. THE. FLESH. I think I'm hyperventilating.

Tomorrow, we both have the day off. We are going to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts and maybe Greenfield Village. My first time at the Greenfield Village, Nancy bought me my very own replica of the Declaration of Independence. I thought it was the neatest thing. I treasured it and I still have it in a box in the basement. Curtis needs the same experience, so he will now be getting his very own replica of the Declaration of Independence. Lucky guy.

We are excited to spend a few hours on the 'other side' and enjoy the sights!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


I heard the word "chillaxin'" the other day and I can't help but use it every other word. I think it's hilarious how we have dubbed our own 'urban dictionary.' This word makes me giggle every time I think of it. I don't know why, I suppose it is fun to hear rolling off of the tongue.

This weekend, we chillaxed. The rain came again on Saturday morning and we spent the entire morning in bed. We ate in bed, we read, we watched TV. For 3 straight hours. It was divine. It is these moments that we cherish before we have children. We know that they are treasures. Each moment that we spend in peace in quiet before we have kids is a reminder to enjoy it to the fullest. And that we did.

After our marathon lay-in-bed morning, we ran 5 hours of errands. We went to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, out to lunch, to the mall and to the grocery store. We were whooped!! It was nice to get the grocery shopping done on Saturday instead of Sunday. It allowed for more fun to be had on Sunday.

Sunday I attended another bridal shower for my friend Kera, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and then I went home and folded the fruits of my weekend labor. The laundry. My husband is so helpful and when I returned home, he had already started. This is the 4th time I have come home from a shower and he is folding laundry. What a guy!

We had a great chillaxed weekend and enjoyed every moment of our freedom. We know these moments are few and far between with the thought of children on our minds.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Double Post Day

I am posting my second blog post for the day, and it's only 10:25!

I have been meaning to do this for some time now. You will see the enormity of this concept after I post the pictures, but I was told by a former-WW-leader friend of mine to do this. As painful as it will be, it is a part of the weight loss journey.

Yesterday, we finally took our body measurements. I never did this the first time around, but we have decided that it was time. It was an eye-opener, but the bigger eye-opener is about to come.

See below for the most embarrassing pictures I will ever post on the Internet:

Here I am on my wedding day, September 4, 2004: This is after losing 30lbs on Weight Watchers. I wish I had the before shot of me at one of my dress fittings.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here is my love after doing the same as I: We are a powerhouse when we try and lose together.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And here we are now.....(mortified as I post the tag) 40lbs later....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, the goal is to get back to that wonderful wedding weight and then some. Our downfall last time around, was that we got to the wedding and we stopped our lifestyle change. We kept eating the same food, but a lot more of it. We stopped exercising and journaling. What we realized is that we need to make this change for good. Yes, I am losing weight for my best friend's wedding in November and to have a healthy pregnancy, but it doesn't stop there. It keeps going. Forever. We need to remind ourselves of that constantly.

I had always thought that putting a picture up on the refrigerator, of what we looked like at our best, was the most beneficial way to 'think' before I eat. What I concluded was that, I don't need to know that I can do it. I already know that. I need to see the picture of myself now, to know what I am doing this for. So, both pictures are side by side on the refrigerator. This is my daily reminder of why we are on this journey in the first place. To be healthy for our not-yet-born children, to live a long life, to feel good about ourselves.... Putting these pictures here and on the refrigerator is one more step in this process. One step closer to the goal.

Clouds like fluffy marshmallows....

Yesterday, we had the most beautiful day here in Michigan. It was the perfect temperature, the wind was just barely blowing and the clouds looked like fluffy marshmallows. We have had a spell of really hot weather. Like the kind of hot that makes you want to roll around in mud. Like pigs do, because that is how you feel in this heat. Like a pig.

Last night, a co-worker of mine came over to get an air hockey table that was so kindly passed down to us. We actually received a ping-pong table and an air hockey table, but we only have room for one of these magnificent tables of fun. He brought along his three beautiful girls, and they chased our kitties around while the boys loaded up the air hockey table. The girls were so excited that they had this new toy to go in their newly finished basement. Even though I didn't buy this air hockey table (although we had many fun times playing on it as a kid), I still felt good about giving it to someone who will get loads of use out of it. (Dad, we did a good thing!) Andy reported this morning that the girls, who were all hyped up on Bug Juice and Krispy Kreme's, played for hours last night. And we haven't even set up the ping-pong yet!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Right after he pulled out of our driveway, the sprinklers went on as they usually do. And then the rain came. It was the first time I had seen rain like that in well over a month. It only lasted 8 minutes at our house, and after it left, you could feel the heat lifting high into the sky. I went outside to snap a few photographs because the sky was this eery shade of purple. Like nothing I had ever seen before.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My very good friend, Amy Carroll, captured some fabulous shots of the storm coming in off the lake. Go check her "picture of the day" blog and you will see what I mean!! Now that is a storm!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weigh In Day: Week 7

We weighed in this morning and I only lost .1 pounds. Curtis showed a pretty significant gain, but I think it's all water. We have been drinking upwards of 140 oz. a day!! WOW!

This is what Weight Watchers told me when I tracked my weight:

"If you're feeling a little neutral about your weight-loss result, here's a little fact to make you smile: The rate you`re losing weight at is considered to be very safe and healthy. So you're seeing success! You're doing the right thing.

Remember this anonymous saying this week: "Feel pride in how far you've come and confidence in where you're going."

I guess it's not that bad.

We have decided to kick things into high gear, though. We aren't going to eat out once this weekend,(read: Em is cooking Stir Fried shrimp, Pork Tenderloin and Italian Casserole) we are cutting back the booze, and we are going to journal like crazy! Our goal is a whopping 2 pound loss next week! Can we do it?

I also put a call into my doctor this a.m. to see what my weight was before we left for Europe. Granted it was with full clothes on, but I figured it might give me a little ego boost! Call me crazy, but I'm crazy like that!

EDIT: I called the doctor and I am down well over 10 lbs since before we went to Europe. Did I mention we each gained at least another 5lbs. eating crepes, pastries and Rene's Croissants!? Today is a good day and the start of a new week. Life is good.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Losing, but frustrated....

This weight loss thing...it's a journey. But that doesn't mean we don't want it now. I am engulfed with this feeling as of late. I want it now.

I am losing, and losing pretty steadily, but it's not the 2 pounds that I have been hoping to see. I am averaging 1-1.5 pounds per week, which is still good. I am losing and that is all that matters, right? "Just keep telling yourself that, little (or big) lady."

I have gotten into the habit of weighing in every day. I did this the last time around with Weight Watchers and it seemed to help keep me on track. It is doing that same thing this time, but I think I am ending up more frustrated then if I would just stay off it until Wednesday. "Stay off that scale, little lady."

Booze is an obvious problem and with it being summer and all....well, that is a bad excuse, but we seem to be out a lot more than we are in the bitter months. "Stop drinking, little lady."

There is this 'person' in my head that keeps telling me to do these things, and I know they are the best for me and my diet, but putting them into action has been quite the challenge. It is not weigh-in day today, so I won't weigh in. I will journal EVERYTHING, even that glass of wine that I had at 9pm last night. And I will keep telling myself that I am losing and that is all that counts. I can't beat my self up anymore. However, beating up that 'person' in my head might not be such a bad idea......

Friday, July 6, 2007

Whining is My Forte

After my crummy day yesterday, I decided to go home and take a walk with Curtis where I whined some more, we fought and I moseyed home grumpy again. Not quite the way I wanted to end the day.

After I found that Jeremiah verse, I decided to write it down and carry it with me. It is very powerful, carrying around a verse. I can feel it in my pocket, I know it's there, telling me that God has a plan for me. I need to make Him my focus and once I seek Him 'with all my heart' it shall be then that He will listen to my calls.

For now, I must realize all that I do have, how fortunate we are right now. It is easy to lose sight of that after a frustrating day like the one I had yesterday. Whining has been my forte for many years and last night I realized that whining does me no good. Carrying a Bible verse on the other hand....we shall see.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July Fun

Every year we head to my in-law's for their Fourth of July celebration. They live on an inland lake that fills to the masses with people, boats and jet-skis. We water ski (well, not me, but my better half does!), tube, talk, swim and eat. A lot.

This holiday is very special for Curtis and I. 4 years ago, he proposed to me on the dock, while everyone else waited eagerly on shore. It is hard to believe that I have already been attending this celebration for 7 years! It gets better and better every year.

The whole family....
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Uncle Chuck doing what he does best...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My love on skis....he always gets up on the first try! Stinker.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sometimes he wipes out.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But he still smiles when he is done!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Happy 4th of July!
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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Weigh In Day: Week 6

We weighed in today despite a feeling of disinterest in doing so. It is Independence Day after all, yet we aren't quite independent of that scale.

Good news, though! I am down 1.6 this week (so, 1.1 plus the .5 I gained for whatever reason last week), Curtis is down 2.4. He has lost 10 lbs. and I have lost 8.3 lbs.! Yay for us!

We even managed to maintain our freakish Weight Watchers tactics today!! Right on program!

Stay tuned for a plethora of photos to follow.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Food Score!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to start a weekly post about the awesome foods that I find.

While grocery shopping the other day, I happened upon another Best Life food recommended by Bob Greene. I watched Oprah's show the other day (a rarity for me) and Bob was on talking about his new book. I haven't purchased the book yet, but I have noticed the foods in the grocery that are marked with his "Best Life" endorsement.

I am always looking for snacks that will take away my constant desire for chocolate, but without breaking my 'points bank'. I just finished this delectable treat and I must say, I was a bit turned off by the Fiber One part until I sunk my teeth into it. This has to be the best 2 point snack I have been able to come up with. It is loaded with 9 grams of fiber!! SCORE!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Fiber One Oats and Chocolate Bar
Calories: 140
Fat: 4 g
Fiber a whopping 9 g!

We Won!

My darling husband just emailed me to tell me that he was in the top 5 for a cross-selling contest at work. He has been working very hard to maintain his goals and make all of the 'suits' happy in the process. I love sharing in each of these moments of success with him. It is what makes being married such a joy. Instead of this being a case of "He Won!", it is now a case of "We Won!"

Oh and in case you were wondering what it is we 'won'....he gets a couple extra days of vacation! WOO HOO!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Random Fun-ness.....

Funness is not a word, but I like it nonetheless. (Dad is thinking "Moo U" right now)

We had a splendid weekend filled with friends and family. Just the way we like em'.

Friday night was filled with wonderful new friends, their sweet child, and our weakened (only for a moment) Tigers. I didn't take the camera out at all, which I was regretting on Saturday morning. Our time with the Taylor's was very enjoyable, as were the blueberry Mojitos that they brought along with them!

Saturday we headed to Nana's on Lake Michigan to take in the sunshine. The water was bitter cold, thanks to a wind shift on Wednesday night. We still enjoyed our time at the beach.

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Saturday evening, we had another (ANOTHER! ANOTHER!) opportunity to see some old friends. Shannon and Jesse were in town from AZ, Betsy and Rob came up from Columbus, Liz hadn't yet left for Phoenix and Katie, Glenn and little Andrew came up from Chicago.... What a joy to see all of these beautiful ladies AGAIN!

Katie and her precious Andrew
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Shannon, Megan, Liz and Andrew (oh and Emma in Liz' belly!)
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Curtis, Rob, Jesse...
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On Sunday we ventured over to the Fulton Street Artisan's Market I enjoyed chatting it up with a local photographer. Since the Farmer's Market was so inundated with artists, they decided to branch off and start the 'Artisan's Market.'

As we pulled in, I saw this:

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The most beautiful, 1955 Porsche. Mmmm... Gorgeous.

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It was a beautiful weekend, and now we are braving for some 'weather'. Hopefully it will still be nice for Independence Day!