Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Dark Ages of Diet Food

My grocery store is stuck in the year 1900. It doesn't want to give me the wonderful diet foods that these companies have worked so hard to produce (read: hundreds of thousands of dollars to research and development). I am going to start making a list of all of the foods that I have not been able to find in my local grocery store. It's really starting to mess up this diet plan!!

If any of you 'locals' know where to find this stuff, give me a holler. But, I fear that with no Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, I am up a crick without a paddle. Some of them are so basic, though. It's frustrating and I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart....even for the sake of my diet.

1) Hormel Turkey Pepperoni----I want it now!

2) Wonder Bread LITE---why can't you carry the lite version, too? I am especially interested in their buns. I can't find a lite bun for my life!

3) Fage greek yogurt

4) Western Alternative Bagels

5) All the light ice cream!! I hear about these wonderful things on Hungry Girl, then I go searching and I can't find a single one. Umph. A girl needs her ice cream!

The good news:
Fresh Market has finally moved into town. I wonder what goodies they will have. I am hoping that they carry some different labels then what all of the regular grocery stores around here carry. We need some diversity!


Tony said...


Do you have Simon Delivers or any other internet grocery store in your area? That's what Laura and I have been using.

They have great stuff, and Simon Delivers just added a new feature so you can display only low cal or low fat options.

Check it out.


Geek's Girl said...

I get the Turkey Pepperoni at Meijer on Wilson. I love it!

JustinandChristine said...

sorry your having such a hard time finding those foods. :(
we have a trader joes just a mile up the road from us. I started shopping there all the time now. And, we have this fantastic all natural store called mothers too! :) I hope you can find those things soon.... good luck!

Leigh said...

Hey there-- they have Fage yogurt at Meijers (at least the one in Holland does)-- I've been buying it there for the past couple months.

Anonymous said...

You can get Meijer lite white buns. They 1 point a bun. They taste good too!

Shana said...

Em - I finally got sick of searching high and low for Alternative Bagels so I emailed Western Bagle. The stores around here used to carry them but they don't anymore. Only stores on the East side of the state have them. You can order them from the Western Bagel website but if I remember right the shipping is pretty expensive

Anonymous said...

I saw Fage yogurt at Meijer on Alpine.