Friday, July 13, 2007

Double Post Day

I am posting my second blog post for the day, and it's only 10:25!

I have been meaning to do this for some time now. You will see the enormity of this concept after I post the pictures, but I was told by a former-WW-leader friend of mine to do this. As painful as it will be, it is a part of the weight loss journey.

Yesterday, we finally took our body measurements. I never did this the first time around, but we have decided that it was time. It was an eye-opener, but the bigger eye-opener is about to come.

See below for the most embarrassing pictures I will ever post on the Internet:

Here I am on my wedding day, September 4, 2004: This is after losing 30lbs on Weight Watchers. I wish I had the before shot of me at one of my dress fittings.

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Here is my love after doing the same as I: We are a powerhouse when we try and lose together.

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And here we are now.....(mortified as I post the tag) 40lbs later....

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So, the goal is to get back to that wonderful wedding weight and then some. Our downfall last time around, was that we got to the wedding and we stopped our lifestyle change. We kept eating the same food, but a lot more of it. We stopped exercising and journaling. What we realized is that we need to make this change for good. Yes, I am losing weight for my best friend's wedding in November and to have a healthy pregnancy, but it doesn't stop there. It keeps going. Forever. We need to remind ourselves of that constantly.

I had always thought that putting a picture up on the refrigerator, of what we looked like at our best, was the most beneficial way to 'think' before I eat. What I concluded was that, I don't need to know that I can do it. I already know that. I need to see the picture of myself now, to know what I am doing this for. So, both pictures are side by side on the refrigerator. This is my daily reminder of why we are on this journey in the first place. To be healthy for our not-yet-born children, to live a long life, to feel good about ourselves.... Putting these pictures here and on the refrigerator is one more step in this process. One step closer to the goal.


apt said...

Emily, you were a beautiful bride, and you still are.
I applaud your focus and results on your weight loss journey, but must object to the vibe that I'm reading in this post.
You're moving in the right direction. I think weight loss is the only long term project of self improvement where folks tend to beat themselves up too much. I mean, we we decide to learn a new language we don't say, "Aw, I'm a moron for not knowing this!"
Point is, you know where you want to be and you're getting there. You should be celebrating yourself (no booze though, I've read that you have a drinking problem;) ), and nothing else.

apt said...

Wouldn't it be cool if we could edit our comments? That should read "when we decide to learn a new language..."

Em said...

Thanks Amy! It's that whole 'animosity' thing...or that voice in my head. Not sure which.

Lisa Y. said...

wow! those wedding photos are wonderful...who was that great photographer.... ;)

HUGS!! ~Lisa

ShutterBugFoto said...

Emily I think you will get to you goal just keep on truckin and thinking about where you want to be. Good Luck!