Friday, July 20, 2007

Weigh In Day: Week 8

We changed the weigh in day to Friday. It seems to make more sense for us than Wednesday ever did.

I maintained this week and I am very happy with that. I have been doing what is right and I am losing inches. I won't let the scale get me down.

Some non-scale victories this week:

--I tightened my belt up one loop! YAY!
which subsequently lead to...

--being able to slip on a pair of one-size-smaller pants and still being able to breathe. I wore them for the whole day!

--I managed to drink all of my water and eat all of my vegetables/fruits

--I ate mostly good during our time away from home this week (minus a little pizza post-concert)


We have a fun weekend planned. We are going to the Harbor House in Grand Haven on Saturday night. Just to get away. My grandmother has a cottage on Lake Michigan but it's just not as simple as it once was, so we have decided not to let Grand Haven miss us this year. I am hoping that we might be able to stop over and go for a dip at Nana's too. We shall see!

Have a great weekend!


Amy Carroll said...

I love the Harbor House! Jason helped me out with a shoot in Grand Haven last night and we walked right by the Harbor House and said we needed to make plans to stay there again soon. We've stayed there in years past and always had a fabulous experience. Enjoy that breakfast!

katieo said...

Yay for the friday weigh-in!

Thanks for coming by SS, sorry it took me so long to get over here! I'm loving your blog, Molly and I grew up in MI!