Friday, July 6, 2007

Whining is My Forte

After my crummy day yesterday, I decided to go home and take a walk with Curtis where I whined some more, we fought and I moseyed home grumpy again. Not quite the way I wanted to end the day.

After I found that Jeremiah verse, I decided to write it down and carry it with me. It is very powerful, carrying around a verse. I can feel it in my pocket, I know it's there, telling me that God has a plan for me. I need to make Him my focus and once I seek Him 'with all my heart' it shall be then that He will listen to my calls.

For now, I must realize all that I do have, how fortunate we are right now. It is easy to lose sight of that after a frustrating day like the one I had yesterday. Whining has been my forte for many years and last night I realized that whining does me no good. Carrying a Bible verse on the other hand....we shall see.


apt said...

Sometimes I just want Jim to let me whine and I get upset when he tries to get me to cut it out and take action. We're both fortunate to have partners who know when enough is enough.

Tony said...

Here is your Transformers review. Two things you should know. I enjoyed the movie for what it was and I can be kind of a tough critic, so take the review with a grain of salt.

Transformers was good but by no means great. The first hour and a half is very funny action comedy with very little robot action. It is probaly the best part of the movie. I take that back, the best part of the movie is Shiaf Labouf. He is perfectly cast.

When the robots finally show up for the last half of the movie everything falls apart. What little plot there is goes out the window. Which would be fine if the cgi was as breathtaking as we all hoped it would be. Unfortuntly, the shots of the robots fighting are so close up and fast paced that you can never really get a good glimpse at them. In the end it just gives you a headache.

All that being said. It is a good summer blockbuster. Go in with slightly lowered expectations and you will love it!