Thursday, August 16, 2007


Do you ever have those nights where you just can't stop laughing?? Everything is funny, and your gut hurts from all of the muscle spasms that come with uncontrollable giggling?

Last night was one of those nights. Our Tigers weren't funny, but everything else was. This website specifically, is what induced the laughing. If you have never seen this blog, you must!! It is hilarious.

I Can Has Cheezburger

It all started when I decided a few weeks back that putting out the bird feeder, in view of the cats, would be a good idea. You know, keep them occupied when we are gone during the day. Well, Sadie is obsessed with that window. The goldfinches don't blink when they see her, too, which is quite amusing. Last night, I told Curtis we needed to take a good picture of her being silly (wagging her tail fiercely, darting back and forth, HUGE "I am going to get you birdie" eyes) and post it on this blog.

Enjoy laughing...we sure did!

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Shana said...

I love ICHC!!! Ben and I were cracking up at the kitty with the cast last night. The comments on that one were priceless!! If you like that you should check out Jim has been slow in getting new pictures up but he did add a bunch recently.