Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Food Score!

I found another must-have diet food in my circa-1900 grocery store.

It was hiding with all of the pizza crusts, and well, we all know that when you are on a diet, you run past those pizza crusts with all of your leggy might.

So, here it is! Food SCORE!
Hormel Turkey Pepperoni

The best food invention. Ever.
Wanna know why? Because I can have Flat-Out pizzas! With Pepperoni!!!!

Since I can't have the Boboli, I wanted to be able to have some sort of pizza-thingy that was easy to make. But you can't have pizza without pepperoni right? These little buggers were eluding me. I am so thrilled to have found them.

I am officially in love with turkey pepperoni. We are getting married next Saturday.

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