Thursday, August 9, 2007

Food Scores Galore...

Yesterday, Fresh Market opened about a 1/2 mile from our house. For those of you that are reading here, that aren't familiar with the lack in specialty grocery stores here in West Michigan, this is a big deal. We do not have Whole Foods, we do not have Trader Joe's, but now we DO have Fresh Market.

I have been eagerly anticipating the store's opening and yesterday, I dropped in after work. I was amazed at the selection of diet friendly foods. Brands that I had never seen before were everywhere. Words like "Lite", Reduced Fat", "Fat Free", "Whole Grain"; all jumped out at me. I was in heaven for 30 minutes yesterday. I could have stayed all evening, and looked at each and every item.

The most impressive part was their meat and fish counter. I had never seen shrimp so huge in my life, or steaks so generously cut. They had stuffed sausage, and ground chicken, and turkey burgers the size of my hand. Normally this would be a bad thing, but when you are on a diet, you keep in mind that you can split these items with your spouse, so it's no big deal. I bought two chicken kabobs, and both were 1.5 lbs each!!

I also found Vic's Lite Caramel Corn--2 points for 1 cup, Gourmet Select Hummus--1 point for 1 oz., reduced fat pimento cheese dip (this is good for when we have friends over) and many other delicious treats. We are heading back this weekend because my husband has got to check this place out!

So, it looks like West Michigan is moving away from the circa-1900 grocery store and up the proverbial grocery store food-chain. Yay for us!


Amy Carroll said...

Great review Em..I have GOT to check this place out. I am going to be on that side of town tomorrow so am planning to check it out. What did you think of the hummus?

SO excited it's here!

Em said...

Amy, it was very tasty! I just had some with carrots and snap peas...yum-o!

Leigh said...

Is it bad to have a crush on a grocery store? Maybe we can start a fan club. ;)