Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Letter to sweaty dude at the gym

Dear Sweaty Dude,

PLEASE for the sake of our health, use the sani-wipes to wipe down the machine after you are done. We don't want to step onto the treadmill and fall on our butts because you sweat so much and have not cleaned off the drenched machine. After you didn't wipe down the treadmill that you had just ran 15 miles on, I saw you get on the bike next to me. I was wondering if you would wipe it down when you were done. In fact, my workout went a bit longer than I had planned, because I "had to know" whether you were going to redeem yourself. Did you?? Oh left that one a schweaty mess, too.

So, I am kindly asking you to have some decency and stop being so lazy...I mean you ran 15 miles, and then biked 20 miles, so I don't think you are lazy. I'm just sayin'.....

Thank you,



On another note, I have gained 4 lbs. I think I might be in the same boat as my friend Tony this week. I really hope that this has to do with my upcoming TOTM and not because of my lack in working out. Yes, Internet, I have been a slacker again, but things are looking up. I just started doing a workout routine from my friend, Corinne, at Phit-n-Phat. I bit the bullet and I signed up for some of her online training programs. Now I have a solid weight routine for my arms, shoulders and legs. Exciting stuff!

Tonight I am doing arms, so wish me luck...I am excited to pump some iron tonight.


Christina said...


Tony said...

I checked out Phit-n-phat. Talk about some dramatic before and after photos. Wow!

Good luck with the new workout routine. I'm interested to see how it goes.

I'll have to dig deeper to see if she has routines for the non-fair sex.

By the way your niece is adorable.

I have every intention of getting your prize in the mail by this weekend.