Monday, August 20, 2007

Lily and Us

Friday night we had my niece for the first time overnight. My sister and brother-in-law were granted a weekend away while we and my parents watched little Lily.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about how this would pan out. Would she have fun?? Would we do a good job?? Would she even want to come with me when I picked her up from my parents house on Friday?

As I drove to get her, all of these things were going through my mind. After about 10 minutes of driving her to my house, I knew it would all be okay. She smiled at me from the backseat and said "Fun at Emmy's!!" in her adorable, newly formed little girl voice.

We definitely got a test of what it was like to be parents. Yes, things will be different when it is our own. But, it was a test in our patience together handling a small child. I think we did alright except for the Pack N' Play meltdown (there were directions on the mattress?? Wish we would have seen them!!) which was diverted with one call to my parents house. We dropped her off after a trip to the zoo, and we both looked at each other with a bit of relief and said "we can do this!!" to each other with big smiles on our faces.

I think the kitties were the only ones that were happy to see her go (they weren't to sure about this little, talkative person in their house) and we said we would watch her again in a heartbeat. She is developing into a beautiful little girl, and her vocabulary is really starting to take off. It has been a blast watching this little girl grow up and we look forward to seeing her continue to grow and develop.

And are some photos from the weekend:

Watching Barney with Uncle Curtis:
Petting the "nice kitty"....who really did love her affection!:

Watching the fishes!!:


apt said...

Yay for a reaffirming, fun visit. Rookie Pack N Play set up is no fun.
Uncle Curtis looks like he's creating a silent list of ways to get rid of Barney before you two are parents. said...

She's adorable!!! I wish my nieces were that small again (now 18 and 15).

Christina said...

She is adorable and know exactly what you're saying about the little girl voice. So so sweet! We'll have to remember this when they are in their teens!

Amy Carroll said...

Ahh, those pigtails! She is so cute and getting so big! Glad to hear that you and Curtis had such a fun time with her and that you two are excited at the prospect of being parents some day yourself.