Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A little person is coming to our house.....

No, I am not pregnant. Yet.

However, we do have a little person coming to live with us this weekend. Her name is Lily and she is the most beautiful niece an auntie and uncle could ever ask for.

We love her like she is our own. This weekend, we get a true test in taking care of a 2 year old when Lily comes to stay with us. My sister and brother-in-law are long overdue for a vacation by themselves and we, along with my parents have agreed to take this little tornado for the weekend.

My Dad sent me some photos from a few weeks back. We had everyone over to our house and I really wanted my picture taken with Miss Lily. I was going through my collection and I have very few photos so in an effort to bulk up the pictures of me and Lily, I had Dad go crazy with the camera.

It was quite amusing going through each photo and realizing how hard it is to keep a 2 year old still. She wanted to play with the kitties, or go explore and I wasn't allowing that.

This weekend will be a wonderful test of our patience as a couple and we can't wait!


apt said...

I love the photo trio!
You and I are both lucky to have a wonderful niece to help us dip our toes into the next generation.

Amy Carroll said...

Cute cute cute!

Trust me...I know very much how hard it is to get a two-year-old to look at a camera for more than a second ;)

JustinandChristine said...

Cute! :) I hope you guys have an awesome time with Lily! She is so adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Lily can't wait to spend a weekend with her autie Emmy and Uncle Curty!:) She is very excited! I hope she is a little angel for you. :)

Love you,


katieo said...

Good luck! She's cute (but so are you!)