Thursday, August 2, 2007

Proof I am almost 30....and almost old.

Last night we watched a new Chris Hansen special about people who steal I-Pods. This is the conversation that took place as I was falling asleep...

(Chris Hansen is in the background confronting a teenage girl about the I-pod that she stole off the top of a car in the Best Buy parking lot...side note: why did I think it was so funny? Maybe it's the way he says "I am Chris Hansen" all like a bad ass and what not....okay, back on topic.)

Me: What time do you have to leave in the morning for Lansing?

Him: 7:25 am or so...

Me: Cool...want me to iron your shirt for you? (I am the best wife)

Him: Sure, thanks dear (NOT!)

Me: Is there water in the I-pod? (re-read that sentence)

Him: WTH did you just say? (laughing that hysteric laugh that he does.)

Me: I don't know. What did I just say?

Him: (laughing)

Me: Good night.

Sometimes the things we say to each other are hilarious. We make each other keel over in laughter. To the point that I can't control myself sometimes. It's pretty awesome when the man that you are going to spend the rest of your life with, makes you laugh...that hard. It's the best way to make a marriage work. You have to laugh a little. Or in our case, a lot.


Amy Carroll said...

Em, that is funny!

And we are the same age and we're not almost 30. We're just a little further from 20 than we used to be ;)

Tony said...


Just saw your comment. Laura and I live about 15 miles from the bridge collapse, but I work only a few blocks from it.

I walked down there this morning. I couldn't get close enough to see anything. It is strange to be this close to such a huge tragedy and not have it effect your day-to-day life.

Fortunately every one in my life is far.

Thanks for your thoughts.

apt said...

Proof that I am old and not at all "with it": who the hell is Chris Hansen?
That's a great conversation!

Em said...

Amy-He is that "To Catch A Predator" know... "I am Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC"....(but in his bad ass voice)

mrssteak said...

Wait until you are as old as me! I can't stay up late enough to watch Chris Hansen and he's on at 10!

AmyinMotown said...

Oh, I am really, really old--Chris Hansen used to be on Detroit local news, and when I was interning for my journalism degree I would see him around town on different stories. He was really nice and cute--I had SUCH the college girl crush! It's cool to see him so succesful now because he really was nice, even to a lowly little intern like me.

JustinandChristine said...

HAHAHA.... I totally do that before I fall asleep. :)

I actually laughed outloud when I read that!

Christina said...

LOVE Chris Hansen. I believe he is from Detroit somehow either as a former reporter there or as a native Detroiter..