Friday, August 31, 2007

Weigh In Day: Week 14

This week, I noticed something. I noticed that I tend to slack on eating in the evenings. Weird, huh? I come home, eat dinner and then totally neglect my snack. I wondered if I wasn't getting enough calories each day, so I started tracking on Sparkpeople in tandem with my WW points tracking. I never really tracked at night, I would just try and remember to enter what I ate in the a.m. on the following day. After tracking consistently (which I should have been doing all along...tsk tsk) I came to the conclusion that I have consistently not been eating all of my calories. Can you believe it?? All this time I thought I was overeating, which I was on the weekends, but I was severely depleting myself of calories throughout the week.

This week, I ate all of my points, and all 35 flex points. And guess what? I had a 2.4 lb loss. If you notice my ticker to the left, I only have 6.5 lbs to go until I reach my 10% goal. eek! I am so happy!

The lesson learned here is that tracking and being consistent with it, are the best tools to lose this weight. Even if it means I am being held accountable for eating enough food!

P.S. If you are wondering about my Phit-n-Phat workouts and how those are coming, I will have an update on that next week. We have been learning the exercises and gearing up for the week of September 10, when we will really put them to use.


Tonight, we are headed up to Old Mission Peninsula in the beautiful north country of Michigan. We stay every Labor Day at Chateau Chantal overlooking the Grand Traverse Bay. It's one of our favorite things to do to celebrate our anniversary. (More to come next week about that!)

I am sure there will be lots of wine and good food. We are even going to hop over to the Leelanau Peninsula and do some wine tasting there as well. The air is brisk and cool today, and I am hoping that it will be the same way up north. I just love the feeling of that lake air coming at you!! It's a favorite thing that I adore about this place we call home.

Have a great weekend everyone!


ElleTeeJay said...

Awesome loss, sister! Yippee! Way to go! It's fanastic when that 10% finally comes within reach, huh?

I am behind you! You can do it!

Have a wonderful weekend with your man, Em...I hope we get to see some pictures.

Amy Carroll said...

Happy Anniversary Em! I can't wait to hear about your getaway weekend and all the fabulous wine and food you'll be enjoying.

And congrats on your weight-loss goal! You are doing great!