Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who is Your Tiger?

The last few weeks have been nothing short of frightening, watching this beloved Tigers team. I have stressed many moments over the last several weeks, hoping that somewhere in there this team was still alive and kicking. Considering the enormity of the losses the last several weeks, it is still amazing that we are 1 game ahead of Cleveland. It must be luck. Or perhaps, they are just that good.

For the past two seasons, we have watched diligently. We have watched this team through this years post All Star break slump, through the playoffs and ups and downs of the 2006 World Series. There is a slogan around here that is pumped through the TV and radio waves. "Who is your Tiger?"

My infatuation with Magglio started early last season. I wasn't that into baseball, but I have always been willing to watch sports and learn the lessons that Curtis teaches me. Early on, I knew I was going to love this team. I started to realize what all the hype was about in my years growing up. I never had any interest in the game, so I never cared about our Detroit team. My grandfather, Grandaddy, loved the Tigers. He would watch them so very often, sitting in his leisure leather chair, hoping that this team could bring the glimmer back to Detroit. Sometimes I wish he could see this team now. He would be so proud.

Last night, this team did me proud again. Specifically, my Tiger, Magglio. He lit up the sky with his 22nd bomb of the season. A 2 seam fastball came at him and he did what he is best at. A 3 run-homer on the board, to bring the score to 6-2. He wailed on that baby! Mario Impemba yelled "There is nothin' cheap about that one!" I screamed in excitement, even danced around the living room for a moment. I have never felt the overwhelming hysteria that is baseball until these past few years.

I have long concluded that this team is all about the momentum. If the team is playing well, if the bull-pen is pitching well, if the offense can convert, then this team will win. Last night proved that. They follow each other into the zone and that is what I love about them. When one of them leads, the others step right behind. We started out the evening cursing off Jeremy Bonderman. We ended the evening kissing the feet of this team. Mostly, for giving us what Detroit has needed for a long time. Maybe even for bringing this 28 year old girl into the understanding of what it means to be a baseball fan. To be a Tigers fan.

Go Tigers! And can I just say, "I love you, Mags!"

(Don't you just love my orange shirt and Mag mask?? I just couldn't help myself!)


Shana said...

lol! Em I think that's the same shirt I have! lol! It was an exciting night at our house last night. I think I yelled at the tv more then Ben!!

apt said...

Having grown up in the heart of Tiger town, during their last cycle of Awesomeness (Bless You Boys), I can't imagine baseball not being a life-long love. I'm glad you've joined the ranks.

Yay Mag. Go Tigers.