Friday, September 28, 2007

Weigh In Day: Week 18

I lost a .5 lb this week. A little disappointing considering how much I worked, however, I will take it. After all, a loss is a loss.

PNP is going really well. We are loving how high of an intensity that these workouts are. I knew I was not working hard enough, and this is forcing me to do just that. I am also starting a running program in conjunction with all of this. I had to get some orthotics for my feet and I have finally broken them in. This weekend I will hopefully be getting fitted for some running shoes. (any suggestions on brand? I am finally going to call it quits with New Balance. I just don't think they are for me anymore.)

That is all for this week. I will try and post a little more next week. Month-end has been keeping me mighty busy!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LIKING is out of control!!!!!

I am guilty of it, like, saying the word "like" all the time.

Lately, though, I have tried to be much more cognoscente of my use of the word "like."

So, here....a little dictionary lesson for the readers here:

Like---- this is from
  1. To find pleasant or attractive; enjoy.
  2. To want to have: would like some coffee.
  3. To feel about; regard: How do you like her nerve!
  4. Archaic To be pleasing to.
So, what is with all the "liking" out of it's appropriate context?? I was listening to some teenage girls in the store the other day, and that word was used 27 times in 3 minutes. No joke. I counted, because I am weird like that. I couldn't believe it. Lately, I have been noticing how uneducated it can make one sound. "I, like, love your hair." "Are you going to the movies, with like, your boyfriend?" Sounds a bit like the girls out of my Sweet Valley High books.

My fear is that we are all going to wake up one day and really take notice of this horrid trend. My generation started it, and it is not stopping! In fact, it's out of control. It doesn't suit an adult and I find myself not using that word at all in a professional environment. The second I am out of that environment?? I start "liking" it up again.

I am not sure if this post is to remind myself to nix the liking, but I am going to try even harder. Seeing how annoying that it can be to outsiders, has me holding my tongue before the li... can make it's way out of my mouth.

Do you notice the "liking" being out of control?

And feel free to give me a nice smack if I do it in your presence!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Phit-n-Phat: Week 1 continued...

Corinne at Phit-n-Phat is my new favorite person. She has been able to get this tush into gear and really moving. I am happy to say that we completed all 3 workouts, plus our cardio sessions this week. Whew! It was tough, but we did it. And we feel it, too!

Friday we did legs. Wow. I couldn't walk for a good part of the weekend which means I did something right!! Each routine is supersetted, which really changed things up for us. I think we needed this boost. Supersetting turns your workout into a partial cardio routine, so you save a little bit of time. Friday was squats, lunges, machine leg work, more squats and was killer!! I would by lying if I didn't say that I liked it just a little bit. :o)

Saturday, I took the day off to rest my quads. They were hurting so horribly, that I would wince every time I walked down the stairs. Imagine this "ow, ow, ow, ow" 2o times over!

Sunday, I went for a long walk and felt like a million bucks. After the walk though, I was back to my sore self, so I we decided to do the next routine on Tuesday.

Tuesday, we did arms/chest. Wow again. We managed to get this one in at home on our nice universal weight machine (thanks Dad!). It worked out really well. The gym is so crowded early in the week and we just knew with the whole supersetting thing that reserving a machine and moving onto the next exercise was not going to work. We did high planks, push-ups (ouch!), some curls, bearcrawls (not fun!!), burpees, mountain climbers and some other machine work.

Wednesday, we moved right into back/shoulders. I woke up Thursday morning and my triceps and lats were toasted!! It felt so great to have worked all of these muscles! We did a lot of ab work during this set, some more machine work, and some other plyometrics stuff. I love the plyo work! I had never done this before so it was all new to me, but so far I am loving it. After that, we headed out for a brisk 25 minute walk. What a week!!

I am looking forward to next week, where we repeat the routines we learned this week. It should be fun to know what we are doing and not have to refer back to Corinne's "exercise bible."

That is that! Wish us luck as we move forward on this journey. 7 more weeks to go!

Weigh In Day: Week 17

I lost .4 lbs!! Now, I know it's not much, but here is why I am so excited....

We did 3 PNP (Phit-n-Phat) workouts this week. They were AWESOME. Very challenging, but I can feel muscles that had not been worked in a long time.

Whenever you start a new fitness routine, you usually have a gain. Specifically, when you start a weights program. This is the main reason I feel so great about this week.

I ate well, I exercised 5 out of 7 days (I even did cardio on one of the PNP days!), and I feel great. I can tell this is going to be a new start to this whole thing and I am very excited about it.

Later today, I will summarize my PNP workouts. They were awesome, but I want you all to see what we have been up to. I know some of you are curious about this.

Onto another week in this journey!! I can't wait to continue this road we have started. For once, I am not upset about this weeks loss or lack thereof. YAY!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Signs of Old Age

It used to be that a wrinkle here and there, or a saggy spot in the place you wish wouldn't sag, were the tell-tale signs of old age. Not anymore.

The other night, while watching my Tigers lose to the Indians at a local sports bar, the man sitting next to us started making small talk. He was a nice man, in his mid 40's, trying to score a hot date with the cute bartender. We started to chat with him and we got on the subject of age. He said "By the look of your hands, I am going to guess that you are 22." Shocked, I let out a snort and started laughing. "My hands? Really?" He replied, "Yes, you know how knuckles start to kind of get droopy?? The skin folds more?? Well, you don't have that. So, I guess you are 22." He then proceeded to do the same thing with Curtis and decided that based on Curtis' hands he must be 28 years old. (HA!!!!)

We started discussing the signs of old age. Droopy elbow skin, droopy chins, and apparently even wrinkly, droopy knuckles. Lots of drooping going on here. It might have been the weirdest conversation we have ever had with a stranger....and I haven't even told you about the flying chicken taco, yet. But, at least I know now to never judge someones age based upon their hands.

If he only knew my real age.....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Censorship vs. Morals

In the past week, we have seen Ray Romano, Sally Field, Katherine Heigl and now Andrew Meyer all being cut off and censored in some form or another.

It all started at the Emmy's show on Sunday night. We were watching as we usually do, and we noticed that on several occasions the camera panned to an obscure picture above the stage. We couldn't quite figure out why Fox kept doing this, until I came into work on Monday a.m. It turns out that instead of bleeping the comments out, Fox went ahead and just totally cut off the speaker. Since when has Fox cared about values and morals? Since when has Fox decided that bleeping is unacceptable?? It seems on most of their shows that the bleeping is in full force. I just couldn't understand it.

Most notably during the Emmy's program, Sally Field stood up and spouted off some anti-war comments. Now, I am all for the idea that there is a time and a place for everything, that perhaps this was not her forum to voice her opinion, however, totally cutting them out?? Come on. Where do we draw the line?

A couple of days ago, a young 21 year-old University of Florida student was tasered after he "incited a riot" while asking Sen. Kerry a few tough questions. Now, I have no idea what this kid may have said to the cops (other than what I have seen from the video), what really may have led to these events, but one thing remains clear. Sen. Kerry wanted to answer those questions. He felt he could have handled the situation, he was not offended (at least not from the sound of this) by Mr. Meyer's comments and he was prepared to give an answer. The mic was turned off, the kid was brought to the ground and before you know it, a taser gun is in his back.

I have a real problem with all of this. I am not one for approving of the profanity and vulgarity that is sweeping through our television sets. In fact, I despise it. I don't think a lot of what we see is appropriate, but to censor, completely!!! anyone's right to free speech upsets me. This is what our country is all about. Being able to speak your mind, in any peaceful forum. TV stations are so quick to allow profanity during early hours in the evening, but they won't let Sally Field comment on the war?? Bleep her bad word, not her entire monologue. There are plenty of things that I think the network television stations could do without. Hearing Ray Romano say some nasty things, or Sally Field commenting on the war, is no worse than watching Family Guy, or any of the other 5 tasteless programs that Fox airs. Reality television is even worse and Fox (along with their competition) will go to great lengths to get the ratings.

Now, onto Mr. Meyer. This situation upset me for so many reasons. The censorship, the abrupt cut-off of his mic, the taser. The taser. Why the need for the taser? Again, not knowing the full situation, it's hard to comment beyond what the news has fed us. It upsets me because of what I felt was excessive force used by the police. It upsets me because Sen. Kerry wanted to answer this poor kid's questions. It upsets me because the younger generation, the future of this country, has some tough questions. And we don't want to answer them. Or we do, I don't know. Sen. Kerry wanted to. It upsets me because I don't know where this country is going. Are we about freedom? Or are we about something else. Something much scarier. I am leaning towards the latter.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Phit-n-Phat: Week 1

Well, we did not accomplish the 3 routines that we had so eagerly set out to do this weekend. Instead, we did Friday nights workout, which involved squats, lunges and more of both which made us so sore we could not move!! Saturday, we took the day off, knowing that we still had 6 more days to get the other two workouts in. Yesterday, I was able to walk a little bit better, so I did a 45 min. fast walk and felt a ton better....only to feel worse after my exercise-high had worn off. Boo.

Tonight we are going to attempt to do the arms routine at home. The gym is the most crowded on Monday nights so I don't even want to try and get it done at the gym. We have a nice weight machine in our basement that hardly gets any use, so we will try and use that instead. Wish me luck with burpees, bearcrawls and mountain climbers, amongst some other fun arm exercises.

We also managed to only eat out once this weekend, which I thought was a very big accomplishment for us. We seem to lose it on the weekends, and I think we held this one together pretty well.

Tomorrow, I go to the podiatrist to pick up my orthotics. I am so excited to finally be able to do more than 30 minutes of hard exercise without wanting to yank my second toe off of my right foot. Yep, that poor little toe is doing the big toe's job and it's time for the big toe to take it over again. I can't wait to have some relief!!

I will have a final Phit-n-Phat update on Friday...for now, wish us luck. My quadriceps are begging you!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Weigh In Day: Week 16

Well, I am back up again. 3 lbs this time. No excuses, except for that it's that time of the month.

I did take my measurements again and I am losing inches, so the scale can go stick it!

Tonight, is our first Phit-n-Phat workout. A lot of squats, lunges, toe taps and other assorted fun sets. I will let you know how it goes. Tomorrow is arms and then Sunday is back/shoulders. This is going to be really fun, I just know it.

On a different note, I was eating a "100% real fruit strip" last night and I noticed something on the label. This product is also stated to be 100% organic. The ingredients listed puzzled me and it got me thinking about exactly who sets the standards for something being "100% real". There are organic apples, organic apple puree and/or juice concentrate, organic strawberry puree and/or juice concentrate, natural flavor and organic lemon juice concentrate. What I don't quite understand is the 'juice concentrate' and 'natural flavor' parts. HMMMM....... And what is up with the 'and/or'? Like maybe you will throw in some concentrate? Sometimes these labels have me very confused!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inferiority Complex

Last night, I had a chance to meet up with one of my close friends and her mom's lunch group. They get together, whether it be in times of need, or just for fun. They have lunch (or dinner), they enjoy a few cocktails and they laugh. A lot. They are a load of fun to be around, these 50+ year-old empty nesters, at least until last night.

There was one woman in particular that I have met before. She is a kind and loving soul, a good friend I am sure. Last night, she had a few too many cocktails and it was so hard not to notice. She was slurring her words, and all the while, she kept on drinking. When I arrived, I felt so bad to see her in that state. Like, why couldn't she realize it was time to cut it off and grab a cab home.

As the evening progressed things got weirder with her. She was asking very abrupt questions like "do you live in a small house, or a big house"..."no kids yet? wow!" I mostly ignored her because well, why would I say something?? She was obviously drunk and not thinking. Then I noticed a puzzled look on one of my friends faces, and I glanced over to my other friend who was now engaged in a bit of a scuffle with this woman. The older woman kept saying "I can't see your eyes" (we all thought she was commenting on my friend wearing her glasses too much?) and you could see my friend getting more and more frustrated. Finally, my friend said "I appreciate your opinion, you are entitled to that, but now, I am must go because you have offended me." At that moment, the woman got up, (even though my friend was the one that threatened to leave) we thought she went to the bathroom...instead, off she went. In her car, three sheets to the wind.

It turns out this woman had asked my friend to "take your disgusting nose ring out of your nose right now." There were two girls at the table with nose rings. But only one of them was so abruptly confronted. I started to think about how I didn't shoo her off when she was bugging me. How I didn't want to start anything and therefore, I did not stand up for myself. All to often I am noticing a pattern of inferior-superior with my generation and my parents generation. But last night, my girlfriend showed me that it's okay to stand up to someone, and even leave the room if you must. Even when it is someone that demands respect. Ignoring them solely for the purpose of 'letting it go' might only make this more of a problem. Yes, she was drunk, but she had crossed the line on more than one occasion and my friend was the only one with the kahunas to stand up to her. She was an adult, that demands respect, yes. But aren't we also to demand respect?? And shouldn't it be granted?? I think so.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weight Loss Update

I know there are probably a few of you wondering where my weekly weigh-in went last week. Well, I didn't weigh in. It was purely by mistake, as I was entertaining my out of town friends for most of last week. I did step on the scale on Sunday to see a very ugly number, so I resorted to not tracking that weight and moving on to this week.

We have been working out this week and our plan is to start the Phit-n-Phat program on Friday. Our gym is very busy during the week, and extremely dead on the weekends. In order for us to be able to 'superset' our routines, we need free space and free machines. For the next 7 weeks we will be doing all of our cardio (with Monday off) during the week and our 3 Phit-n-Phat routines on the weekend.

We are also going to be starting the Couch-to-5k program in tandem with our Phit n Phat routines. This is a very lofty goal, because I have convinced myself that God did not make my legs for running. My husband disagrees and says that these drumsticks need to get moving. So, I am taking him up on his willingness to be patient with me as I learn to run. Wish me luck. I literally look like a chicken when I run.

I will be posting before and after shots of our progress over the next 7 weeks (I am telling you this, so you hold me to it!). I have exactly 9 weeks until my best friend gets married in Florida and it's time to buff this bod OUT!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Northern Michigan-a slideshow

I am a bit behind on the blogging as I have had a very busy 2 weeks. I will try and catch up as best as I can. To start, here are some pictures from our trip up north to Chateau Chantal. I experimented using Windows Movie Maker. I didn't do anything fancy with it, but that is a neat program!

Enjoy! More pictures and wordy posts to come.

Oh and I told you he could make me laugh! Isn't that a great photo he captured of me laughing my keister off?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Still Honeymoonin'---3 years later

"You two must be on your honeymoon, you have that glow about you. You know, the kind that screams that you are in love, " said the attendant as we walked into Black Star Farms' tasting room. We both giggled and noticed the couple next to us, presumably on their honeymoon, sneer at us from across the way. "No, actually we are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary," I replied. She laughed and apologized, which we both thought was funny. No apology needed!!!

We had a great time up north. A chance to get away from the hustle and bustle and really reconnect. We have been going up to Chateau Chantal since the day after our wedding in 2004. We have been back every year since. This place truly affords you the opportunity to relax. No need for TV, just a book, yourself and your loved one. A perfect get-away. It doesn't hurt that there are 14 wineries in the area...yep, wineries in Northern Michigan. We learned from Bob Begin, the proprietor at Chateau Chantal, that the area is a pristine environment to grow grapes. The weather patterns, the cool air that swirls around the point, and the rolling hills all make an ideal landscape similar to that of Bordeaux, France or Napa, California. Old Mission Peninsula is on the 45th parallel which is close enough to both areas to grow vinifera grapes...not the concord type, but the "good stuff" as Bob would say. We tasted wine, we enjoyed some Leelanau Cheese (we even went back to the Leelanau Peninsula to get more!!), we had a few fantastic meals (Bowers Harbor Inn has the best filet around) and most importantly, we had a chance to remember why we love each other as much as we do.

9 years ago, around the time of Valentine's Day, I met Curtis. When we first met, I had no idea this would be the man I was going to marry. He had long hair (gasp!), he wore the same three t-shirts and the same pair of jeans....he was definitely not my type. A year later, I started to see more of him, and before I knew it, we were falling in love. The rest, you could say, is history. Or history in the making! ++++++ He is my rock, he is my supporter, my lover and my friend. He has taught me what it means to love someone, to support them, to be patient and kind. He makes me laugh!! He can be silly, just like me. He loves me unconditionally, he is patient with me (most of the time) and treats me with the utmost respect. I love him so very much, and the thing is, that he knows it. He knows, just as I do, that nothing will ever change our love. We don't need reminders of the oath that we took on this day 3 years ago. It's nice to have the reminder, but we are already so keenly aware of the commitment that we made to each other that day. And we are stickin' to it.

Happy Anniversary, Curty! I love you and I can't wait to spend 800 more years in pure wedded, honeymoon bliss!

I am going to post pictures from our weekend, in a separate post to come later on this week. Or today...we'll see.