Tuesday, September 25, 2007

LIKING is out of control!!!!!

I am guilty of it, like, saying the word "like" all the time.

Lately, though, I have tried to be much more cognoscente of my use of the word "like."

So, here....a little dictionary lesson for the readers here:

Like---- this is from dictionary.com
  1. To find pleasant or attractive; enjoy.
  2. To want to have: would like some coffee.
  3. To feel about; regard: How do you like her nerve!
  4. Archaic To be pleasing to.
So, what is with all the "liking" out of it's appropriate context?? I was listening to some teenage girls in the store the other day, and that word was used 27 times in 3 minutes. No joke. I counted, because I am weird like that. I couldn't believe it. Lately, I have been noticing how uneducated it can make one sound. "I, like, love your hair." "Are you going to the movies, with like, your boyfriend?" Sounds a bit like the girls out of my Sweet Valley High books.

My fear is that we are all going to wake up one day and really take notice of this horrid trend. My generation started it, and it is not stopping! In fact, it's out of control. It doesn't suit an adult and I find myself not using that word at all in a professional environment. The second I am out of that environment?? I start "liking" it up again.

I am not sure if this post is to remind myself to nix the liking, but I am going to try even harder. Seeing how annoying that it can be to outsiders, has me holding my tongue before the li... can make it's way out of my mouth.

Do you notice the "liking" being out of control?

And feel free to give me a nice smack if I do it in your presence!


apt said...

I, like, totally bawled when Enid died, you know?
Uh... it was Enid who died in SVH, right?

Em said...

Yes, ENID!!! You just really brought me back.

Thanks Amy.

Christina said...

Oh yeah. I say that wayyy too much and I think it is more when I'm talking (not thinking) rather than writing. I really wish I could break that habit because it makes you sound like a teen.. We'll have to hold each other accountable. Like with a shock collar or something. hmm.

mrssteak said...

I have that problem too. The other one I've been working on is "ya know". Drives J nuts!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I am always saying "ya know!" I am like working on that one. :)



Scott and Rach said...

My co-worker uses the word "like" in every other sentence. No joke. While she is incredibly smart, very professional and, I think, 29 years old, her use of the word makes her come off as a complete flake. And that's too bad because she really isn't that way at all. Don't you think her husband would say something? Or her parents? Her stories are so peppered (heavily) with that word that I completely miss what she's saying. When will it end?!?!

Amy Carroll said...

You and me both girl.

And if this makes you feel any better, I've got the Today Show on and Natalie just said "So, you like, just toss that in the pan then?" She says it a lot. Funny!

Amanda said...

I do it too much too! I have been doing better I think.. or at least I have been trying!!!