Thursday, September 20, 2007

Signs of Old Age

It used to be that a wrinkle here and there, or a saggy spot in the place you wish wouldn't sag, were the tell-tale signs of old age. Not anymore.

The other night, while watching my Tigers lose to the Indians at a local sports bar, the man sitting next to us started making small talk. He was a nice man, in his mid 40's, trying to score a hot date with the cute bartender. We started to chat with him and we got on the subject of age. He said "By the look of your hands, I am going to guess that you are 22." Shocked, I let out a snort and started laughing. "My hands? Really?" He replied, "Yes, you know how knuckles start to kind of get droopy?? The skin folds more?? Well, you don't have that. So, I guess you are 22." He then proceeded to do the same thing with Curtis and decided that based on Curtis' hands he must be 28 years old. (HA!!!!)

We started discussing the signs of old age. Droopy elbow skin, droopy chins, and apparently even wrinkly, droopy knuckles. Lots of drooping going on here. It might have been the weirdest conversation we have ever had with a stranger....and I haven't even told you about the flying chicken taco, yet. But, at least I know now to never judge someones age based upon their hands.

If he only knew my real age.....

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