Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weight Loss Update

I know there are probably a few of you wondering where my weekly weigh-in went last week. Well, I didn't weigh in. It was purely by mistake, as I was entertaining my out of town friends for most of last week. I did step on the scale on Sunday to see a very ugly number, so I resorted to not tracking that weight and moving on to this week.

We have been working out this week and our plan is to start the Phit-n-Phat program on Friday. Our gym is very busy during the week, and extremely dead on the weekends. In order for us to be able to 'superset' our routines, we need free space and free machines. For the next 7 weeks we will be doing all of our cardio (with Monday off) during the week and our 3 Phit-n-Phat routines on the weekend.

We are also going to be starting the Couch-to-5k program in tandem with our Phit n Phat routines. This is a very lofty goal, because I have convinced myself that God did not make my legs for running. My husband disagrees and says that these drumsticks need to get moving. So, I am taking him up on his willingness to be patient with me as I learn to run. Wish me luck. I literally look like a chicken when I run.

I will be posting before and after shots of our progress over the next 7 weeks (I am telling you this, so you hold me to it!). I have exactly 9 weeks until my best friend gets married in Florida and it's time to buff this bod OUT!


Scott and Rach said...

You and be both on the running thing, Em. I'm convinved that I just wasn't meant to be a runner, either, but good for you and Curtis for sticking to your goals!

Em said...

Rach, do you think it has to do with our long legs?? I think that is it...or at least that is what I am sticking to!

Scott and Rach said...

Um... yes? I will stick with that, too. I just feel so awkward when I run, lumbering (is that a word?) and heavy. Not graceful at all.