Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Dove Onslaught Campaign

I have been very fond of the Dove products and their ad campaign for quite some time now....but this video, makes me love them even more.

This is from their website:
"Half of girls in grades 3-5 worry about their appearance. Here are several hundred reasons why:"

This video moved me...moved me to take action, to raise my children and my niece in any way to not allow the eating disorder and appearance issues to set in. Society and cultural 'norms' need to let go of it's grasp on us....and any media campaign that is effective, is one I will plug here.

Dad, maybe I am a radical, but hopefully I can be one for positive change.


Tony said...

Great minds think alike... or get their source material from the same website.

How's Curtis doing?

Scott and Rach said...

Good post :)

apt said...

How could this be seen as radical?

Also, I think it's a wonderful campaign, but WHAT are we to say to young women of tomorrow. I mean, I feel like my parents did a great job raising me to try to be healthy, they told me I was beautiful on the inside and out, and still the media is shouting in my face. It's a wonderful challenge to the public and to media outlets, but when we talk to our children, how can we be louder, you know?

Em said...

Amy, that's just my Dad being silly about all my 'ideas!'

I think the idea, is to teach your children that it is not ideal, that we shouldn't listen to the shouting. They have a grasp on us. And we can do something about that. I was told the same things you were as a child, but it's about making your child believe that also. That what you say as a parent overrides the media. I think a lot of the time, my thinking was more about what society thought, not what my parents thought. (I was a rebellious little thing after all) Does that make any sense?? It's been a long day.

ElleTeeJay said...

You and Curtis will be in my thoughts. Fingers and toes crossed.

Em said...

Amy, one more thing to consider.

You are strong in who you are, yes? You don't have major issues with appearance, so doesn't that mean that all the talking you heard from your parents did do something? We know not to listen to the media. I think there are too many parents that don't think they need to discuss all of this with their children, but the anorexia/bulimia stat and the rate at which it is going up proves differently. Parents are more focused on sex and drugs, then they are on the way these things are shouted to us over the loud speaker. I don't think it gets enough attention from the parents.

And shoot...if any media outlet wants to tell parents to get more involved with their children, I am all for it.

anne at said...

That was really great and kind of terrifying. Thank you for posting it.