Friday, October 12, 2007

Weigh In Day

I had a loss this week of 3 whopping pounds!! I actually weighed in yesterday, as we are staying at my parents house, watching the little (BIG) kids.

Back to the scale and it's power over me....

I weighed in again last Saturday, after seeing a 2.1 pound gain on Friday, and you know what I saw? A 4 pound loss. One day made all the difference. Being a woman, makes the scale war even harder. We are constantly battling the ocean of water within us. That constant bloat feeling that comes and gos throughout the week. For me, it's a daily thing. The sodium intake for example, is a huge catalyst to retaining water. However, I can limit my sodium intake, and still see that water weight hanging around like the elephant in the room.

My point is this. As a woman, we have to understand the chemistry of our bodies. That our husbands might lose at a much quicker rate, and hey, that's okay. We have to be patient with our metabolisms, fire them as much as we can by getting up and moving, and just remember, that self defeating ourselves gets us nowhere. I thought about how frustrated I was last week, and then I stepped up on the scale a day later and voila! Poof! It was gone. Keeping a positive outlook on this whole thing, is what gets me to a 3 pound loss the next week.

So, this week, it's on again! I am going to fight the fat, and stay on plan all week. And I will not let the scale, or the the water get me down.

If you would like to read a neat-o post about the scale, go here. My friend Katie, at Sister Skinny put this link in my comments and it made so much sense for me. Maybe it will for you too.


katieo said...

Yay for you!! :)

(and I'm glad you went and read that, it's totally helped me too)

ElleTeeJay said...

Hurray, hurray, hurray for you! (A little late, I know!) I'm so proud of you!