Friday, November 30, 2007

First Snow

This morning, I awoke to a Winter wonderland. Normally, I would have been a scrooge about the mess outside, but I am determined to love the snow this year. I live here for a reason and part of that reason is the ever-changing seasons. And that includes Winter.

So, despite the cold air, the lack of sun and the insane drivers, here is my short list of things I love about snow and Winter:

--How absolutely gorgeous it is outside.

--How it rests on the branches of trees. Every bit of snow could be melted on the ground, but there is always a little bit nestled into the branch of a tree.

--Kids in snow pants. There is nothing cooler than a pair of snow pants. I remember not being able to move in them, always being sweaty and warm when we took them off after hours of play. The colors; oh, the colors! I saw a pair of yellow, Spongebob-esque ones just the other day.

--Christmas with snow. I could not imagine living in a climate where there was no snow on Christmas. I have never experienced that, and I don't ever plan to.

--The peaceful air. Sometimes, even as frigid as it gets, I like to stand outside and listen. The wind howls and hisses and it's an amazing sound. All the animals have gone into hiding and it's just so quiet.

--Feeding the birds. I love to feed the birds in the Winter because they need the food. Which means I get to bird watch, intently, for the entire 3 month Winter.

--Throwing snowballs. Every now and then, my husband will wad up a nice white ball and throw it square at me. There is nothing sweeter in this life. :o)

--Sledding!! Even though I am grown, that doesn't mean I can't still enjoy a huge snow hill. The saucer sled is my favorite.

--Ice chunks on Lake Michigan. When we were kids, we used to go out to Nana's and much to her dismay, we would walk.on.the.water. No joke. We would traipse around out on the mountains of ice that form over Lake Michigan. I am too much of a scaredy cat now, but I love to watch the ice on the lake. Especially as it forms in the Winter and breaks up in the Spring. What a neat site.

--Being able to someday enjoy the snow with my children. People who live in warm climates, always want there child to experience snow at some point. I would too. Snow and Winter are an amazing time of year. Everything takes a breather for awhile. I think that we all need to cleanse ourselves at some point, and I think of Winter as nature's way of cleansing itself. Of starting over. Of renewal and rebirth.

And with today's snowfall, I feel a sense of peace. Because now it's nature's turn to rest and release. And maybe it's my chance to do so as well.


Amy Carroll said...

Great list Emily! I'm determined to love it as well this winter. And feeding the birds ranks high on my list! So far, I've only attracted squirrels ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to remain anonymous, but wanted to give you a couple of friendly tips. Your blog, and apparent view of the world, seems overly rosy-colored. You mentioned difficulty in writing recently, and its obvious to me why that is. There is no 'edge' or 'realism' to your posts. Your gentle style of writing doesn't offer readers an opportunity for attachment because life just isn't as syrupy sweet as your posts, thus, its hard for anyone to identify - or relate - with that. You are a girl with strong opinions and dealing with real-life issues, and yet if one did not know you, they would be deceived by your writing because you seem so focused on only expressing how sweet life is. Try to be more of yourself, Em, and give yourself the opportunity to explore, and express real depth and honest insight. The words will then flow from you like a running stream, and readers will be given the opportunity to find attachment and identify with you on a far deeper level.

Em said...

To Anonymous:

I am sorry you feel as you do, but this is MY space and I will paint whatever picture I want here.

I am very angry when I read things like this, because you are basically saying that my viewpoint does not fit into yours. I am sorry for that, but I will not conform what I write here to suit the needs of my readers.

I am sorry you can't "identify" with my "rosy-colored" pictures. I in fact, feel like a lot of what I write here is very melancholy and quite the opposite of "rosy-colored". Expressing how sweet life is, is exactly why I write. Because there is just so much f-ed up shit in this world, and really....who wants to write all day about that?

Thank you for your honest opinion. While I appreciate whatever it is you are trying to do here, I want you to know that I am going to continue to do what I do here. IN MY SPACE.

I do not know if you know me in real life, and if you do, you must not know me as well as you think you do.

marieosborn said...

Em...there is still zero snow down here, thank goodness. However, I'm hoping that the beauty of the Michigan snow doesn't mess with my plans to go home for Christmas!!! :-)

By the way, I for one, appreciate your writing....

ms leo said...

i, too, LOVE snow. the cold i could do without though... ;)

my favorite thing to do in the snow is stand under the street light in the dark at my parents house - it is a very soft glowy light - in a really thick fast hard snowfall. you know the kind - like the flakes are so heavy and wet and come down almost in clumps. it's silent and there is so much movement and magic in a moment like that.

i totally agree too about not wanting to live in a place that has no REAL seasons! i would love to live in a nice sunny climate like southern california or something, but i would miss the seasons too much! snow and ice give michigan character!

apt said...

Hmmm... I didn't know that a blog was the same as a writing workshop.
It sounds like anon. is offering some advice on an issue that you didn't ask about. And while they might be great tips for a more compelling blog, I think the writer gets to chose what is and isn't shared in this public space.

ElleTeeJay said...

Good for you, Em! There *is* more than enough "f-ed up shit" in the world. When things get really rough for me, just reminding myself that there is true beauty in the world is a very powerful thing. There is nothing wrong with trying to find a little serenity in this crazy messed-up world.

By the way, as a fellow "girl from the Great Lakes," having grown up in Duluth, Minnesota, your mentioning winter on the Great Lakes really struck a cord with me. I spent my summers working as a tour guide on excursion boats on Lake Superior and in the Duluth Harbor. I remember one especially cold night, especially late in the season, when we were pulling the boat into the dock we heard a crashing and tinkling noise that sounding like 100 glass Christmas tree ornaments breaking. We all panicked. Then, we realized that it was only the thin sheet of ice on the water being crushed between the boat and the dock as we pulled in. I’ve never heard a noise like that since.

Stay strong, girl!
Elle Tee Jay

P.S. No snow in Minneapolis yet, but it's supposed to be coming this weekend.

apt said...

Oh, yeah... the actual post...
Snow. I wish I could love it. I am clearly not meant to live in these environs.

Kristen Holly said...

Beautiful, Em. I feel the same way about the first snow, and I lingered far too long by the window this morning with my coffee.

I also wanted to add - I love your writing. I like it rosy :) There is enough bitching and negativity in the world as it is...

GRKaters said...

I would normally feel the same way your post started, but today, for some reason, I felt HAPPY looking at the snow today! Sure, it's super cold and windy, but I didn't have my typical winter-disdain when I peeked out the window this morning. Long live optimism!

Amanda said...

I like to LOOK at snow, but I am too much of a wimp to BE in the snow, I like to be cozy on the inside!