Friday, November 2, 2007


I am on vacation....vacation from the scale, from work (starting next week). Finally, a vacation.

I took down the weight loss ticker and it feels kind of good. I am going to keep plugging away, but I need to take a break from the seriousness that I was putting into this healthy lifestyle. I have the tools, I am utilizing them, and it is only self-defeating to get discouraged. So, I am on a vacation. A nice long one.

I did weigh in this morning and I will only tell you that I did see a difference from eating more calories this week. And it wasn't a gain!

Next week, we leave for Key Largo and Key West to watch my best friend, Kera get married. It is the first wedding that I am a bridesmaid in and I am just so thrilled to be a part of it. I am also excited to leave this place for a few days. To reconnect with my husband. To see the ocean again. In 8 years of being together, we have never been on a beach vacation. (He would say "Who cares!! We went to Paris and Amsterdam!) I am excited to sip a margarita, poolside with him. I am excited to leave behind the cold air, in place of an ocean breeze. And I can't wait for those sunsets!!

So, here it goes...I am officially on vacation.


On a side note...I can't leave you all without a big shout out to my favorite football team. It is annual Michigan vs Michigan State weekend, and we are headed to our Alma mater to watch the game tomorrow. Courtesy of Dad's UofM Alumni status. Thanks for your generosity to these Sparty fans, Dad!! I am sure we will make you proud (or not!) tomorrow!


Amy Carroll said...

I am SO excited for you and Curtis to get away on vacation! I hope you both enjoy yourselves, walk along the beach, soak up the warm sun. And take lots of pictures so that we can all wish we were there :)

katieo said...

"It is annual Michigan vs Michigan State weekend"

I'm homesick!

Have fun on your vacation, I'm totally jealous...

ElleTeeJay said...

Have a fantastic vacation, Em! I hope you and Curtis enjoy every minute.

And, as you are my virtual drinking buddy, have a margarita for me, would ya?

apt said...

Hooray! Have lots of fun this weekend at the game and on campus! And I'm looking forward to hearing reports post vacation. Enjoy your vacation, Em.

Amanda said...

Hmmm... didn't State lose?

Anyways, have fun on vacation!!!! Hopefully it will take your mind off of your stinky team ;) Just kidding! Have fun at the wedding and don't think about weight for a second! Can't wait to have you back!