Thursday, December 13, 2007

Every Friday, I gather up the laundry from upstairs and bring it down to the laundry room for our weekly ritual. Laundry is a weekend duty in our house. It usually gets done on Friday night and Saturday and we reserve the folding for Sunday. I say "we" because I have an amazing husband who not only does the heavy lifting of the baskets, but he also folds clothes. Yep, he FOLDS CLOTHES.

I have never been very good at doing the laundry. I don't know what setting you are supposed to wash your whites in to get them extra white. I panic when I see a stain, because I haven't a clue how to get it out. I fumble around in the laundry room, and when I leave, I wonder if I left a red sock in with that batch of whites.

When we moved into our house, I searched for a washer and dryer that did all the work for me. With today's technology in laundry machines, this was not a problem. We ended up with this unit. It has a USB cable that hooks into the dryer and it automatically drys your clothes based on the washing cycle. Absolutely a dream for a laundro-phobe like me.

A couple of weeks ago, Curtis got a new pair of jeans from Banana Republic. It was a big deal for him, because this was the first time he spent more than $29.99 on a pair of jeans. These are his new favorite pants to wear. Subconsciously, I had noticed that I hadn't washed them. In fact, I haven't washed them in weeks. I don't think I have EVER washed them. Last night, I asked him why those pants hadn't been washed and he kindly reminded me of the Carmex situation that happened last week. Yep, I left my Carmex in my pants pocket. I opened the dryer to a topless Carmex tube, oozing with the remnants of it's insides. I couldn't believe what I had done. As I slowly started to bring each piece of laundry out, I had realized that this was the worst laundry disaster I had ever seen. Almost every piece of clothing needed to be thrown out. Not even the Stain Inspector on my trusty GE washer could get those grease stains out.

Moral of the story:
If you want a guy to do the laundry, you just need to ruin a load first. And then go buy him a pair of his favorite jeans.


Mindie said...

hi em. this is the first time i have commented on your blog, but i just had to let you know about my laundry secret!

Lestoil. It does wonders for stains. Grease stains, blood stains, arm pit stains. It is amazing. You can find it in the cleaning aisle at Meijer.

Also, for ink stains I use Rubbing Alcohol, just soak the stained area in the RA for a bit and the ink comes right out, then wash.

Good luck this weekend, and you are lucky that Curtis Helps you!

~mindie (from the nest)

Anonymous said...

HA! I love it! It's a little different at my house - we do our own laundry b/c I have serious fears about my clothes being ruined by the husband, and he's always been great about doing his own. I keep telling him, "not everything goes in the dryer. For over an hour." I learned the hard way with that one when a pair of jeans came out that looked like they would've fit me in 8th grade. -MrsKerCo

Anonymous said...

I second the lestoil! I did the same thing in college with a tube of chapstick, every piece of clothing I owned was in the load. I called my mom hyperventilating and she told me about the lestoil, it took a few hours but it worked on almost all of it. - Renae&Sam

scott and rach said...

You aren't alone with laundry mis-haps. I've washed my fair share of tissue, which becomes a white lint disaster in the dryer. My sister recently washed her cell phone. Completely ruined.

Amanda said...

I wash EVERYTHING exactly the same, hot on the normal cycle. I don't know what I am doing! I don't think I have ruined anything... yet. I do do blankets by what the label says though. Now I want to buy that Lestoil... I have horrible pit stains... so embarassing, I sweat like a pig!

apt said...

Thanks for posting this. Because I just dump the detergent on the clothes while the water is filling up, I think we have a load of laundry with detergent stains.
So I'm going to go out to pick up some Lestoil (thanks for the tip!).
Jim is wonderful with laundry. More wonderful than I.