Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Favorite Dive

When I was a kid, we used to frequent a local dive. It was close to our house growing up, it had good food, and it was cheap. We would usually go with my Mom's side of the family, for family gatherings, nights out, or just simply to grab a quick bite to eat. I will call it The Inn.

After my mom passed away, we abruptly stopped going to this place. I guess my Dad must have never been a big fan, I don't know. But, we just never went there anymore. I would pass by it on the way to the grocery store when I was in high school and think to myself, "Does anyone still eat there?" I never heard of anyone really frequenting this place anymore, but somehow it still remained open.

I went away to college, moved to the other side of town after college, and sort of forgot about this place. When we recently moved back to my old stomping grounds, The Inn sort of caught my eye again. There it stands on the same corner it's been on for as long as I can remember. It's a bustling corner now, and The Inn just remains there. Recently, we decided to head back for a famous "Inn Burger" and I just sort of wanted to see what this place was like now.

We walk inside, and nothing looks like it has moved since 1985. There are still the cheesy dwarf figurines on the ledges, the chairs and tables are still the same, the Maroon awning is still there. Back in the bar area, the sports memorabilia is outdated, the booths are falling apart, and it smells of stale smoke. I swear, I even recognized one of the waitresses. I was hesitant to even eat there, but this place has always been famous for it's good eats.

After we finished our meal and our beer, I knew why this place was still standing. There is history there. There are regulars that you see every night. The food is still the same; fantastic and cheap. The service is friendly and timely. Even as run-down as this place is, it still delivers the same thing it has been doing for 20+ years.

For me, it was like walking back into 1985. Seeing myself and my sisters tromp in there fighting over who was going to hold Mom's hand. Remembering the good times that were had there. The birthday celebrations, the laughter; all centered around good food and good atmosphere.

And with that said, The Inn has made it back on the Top 10 Places to Eat list. Not because the burgers are still good, but because of everything else that it brings to the table.


Amanda said...

Well, what is the real name?

Krista said...


We never stopped going. I think my parents and I ate there at least once a week all through high school, college, and even post law school. It got to the point that we'd decide to meet for dinner and no one even asked where. We'd just all show up. Ryan and I had dinner there with Nana just a few months ago. I recommend the Honey Dijon Chicken Salad (get it with all romaine) or the wet burrito. Yum. Now I want to go.

Em said...

Amanda, it's Forest Hills Inn. You know, on the other side of town that you never frequent. :o)

Anonymous said...

It must be a little bit magical.... I have always took my daughter there after her doctors appointments and it was always our time to have breakfast together, even when she was really little. Your post reminded me of my special memories there. And yeah, the food isn't half bad there.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, this post brings back so many memories! They actually tore down the old FHI (maybe that was before you can remember) and moved it over a little bit and expanded. I can still picture the old one and waiting to sit down to meet Nana and Bops. Even though it is different it still have the same smells and I think some of the same staff. Thanks for the trip down memorie lane.