Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The weight loss battle continues.....

I haven't chatted much about my weight loss lately. So, here it goes!!

I stopped journaling a little bit before we left for Florida. That would be about a month ago. I hadn't really stepped on the scale either, out of obvious fear!! And the exercise? Non-existent.

On Sunday, I decided it was time that I face the music, and I jumped on the scale. Guess what? I lost 1 pound since my last weigh-in in November. Very interesting! I guess that if I were in maintenance mode, this would be a great thing!

So, I am back on the wagon. I plan to hit up the gym tonight, and I am going to cook the first meal since Thanksgiving.

This journey is so weird sometimes, because I could have sworn I had gained a ton of that weight back. It's nice to be pleasantly surprised during this weight-loss trek. Heck, I'll take what I can get.


ElleTeeJay said...

Rock on, sista...I've still got your back. Would you like me to be "on your back," too? You let me know.

Em said...

Yes, I would actually! You know, an Elleteejay "on" my back....interesting thought. :o)

Amanda said...

Glad you wer pleasantly surprised!

Anonymous said...

Wow - hope I have such good luck. With the holidays, all I can think is, "I will weigh myself and get on track... But to the gym first so I don't die of a heart attack when I see how high the numbers went!"

Glad to hear about your weigh-in. Makes me more motivated. Thanks!

anne at annenahm.com