Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sssshhhhh! I'm Sleeping!

I really wish I was a bear right now. Hibernating; never seeing this weather, cold, and bitterness. Before I knew it, it would have passed me by.

Sometimes, I wish I could sleep through these winters. I love them and I hate them. All at once. How does that work? I don't really know, but I know that I can love it one second and loathe it the next.

Yesterday, it was 45 degrees, raining and windy. This morning, there were 2 inch snow drifts, frozen roads and 14 degree wind. No, make that -20 degree wind. It's unbearable, if I dare say so.

I think about how much I love the Spring on days like these....crocuses sprouting up from the ground, new buds forming on trees; that damp feeling in the air. I long for it now. I feel as if I need it now or I am going to burst. It's just too cold. Too cold for anything.

I know I live in Michigan. I know this is what I have endured for all 29 years of my life. I know that this is what we signed up for. But that doesn't make me exempt from whining about it. I am at my wits end.

I dream of warm sun, humid air, and even a 90 degree day. I need that right now. No, I just need a glimpse that this is going away soon. The two amaryllis, and the buds on my orchids are hope enough....for now.

What is one thing related to Spring/Summer that you yearn for now?? Sun? Rain? A temperature above 32 degrees?

I know that there are more people than just me that are needing the Spring!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

32 Years and I've Had 8 of em'

Today is my husbands birthday. He has made it 32 fantastic years and I have been fortunate enough to have almost 9 of them. I am one lucky girl.

In honor of his birthday, I have decided to name the little things that I love most about him. So, here it goes.

-He is his own philosopher. Constantly thinking, dreaming and hoping.

-He has a way with people. They warm up to him. And he can take anyone's situation and apply it to something in literature. I love that about him. Just the other day he told the story of Dr. Faustus (Christopher Marlowe) to a man we had just met. A man that had just lost his wife and who was angry with God. It was a compelling moment watching him engage this man in a story that this man needed to hear.

-He is my balance. I am crazy. I am high-strung. I get frustrated easily. He is all things opposite ME. He brings me down to a manageable level and makes me realize that life is too short.

-He is the most spiritual guy I know. I have never met someone with a deeper flame and fire for all things spiritual. He likes to look at things deep inside and find their true meaning.

-He is a hippie. He loves poetry, he loves books, he love religion, he loves rock and roll, and all things music. I would have never had the same love for music if it weren't for his influence. I love watching him grab the guitar and start playing, just to find that I have been watching him, silently the entire time. That face when he is "discovered" is priceless.

Mostly I love the way he has about him. He is such a sweet and kind soul. Often a bit frustrated with me, but never really letting it get to him. He loves me unconditionally. No matter what. That says a lot if you really know me!! He is a gentle and kind soul, and he is my perfect soul mate. I cannot wait to spend many more birthdays with him in the years to come!

So, everyone, please raise your glass...and wish the greatest man I know a Happy Birthday! He deserves it more than anyone. Here is to another year, babe.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Kidney Stone Club

Yep, I am the new honorary inductee.


I woke up this morning, had a normal routine, ate breakfast and headed out to work. About halfway through my drive, I felt like I was getting a BAD bladder infection. I haven't had one since college, but I know what it feels like. I called my boss and went home. 30 minutes later I was keeled over in pain. Like the kind pain where you want to lay on the cold bathroom floor. I called my doc, who saw me at 10:30. I proceeded to throw up all over here office, and she sent me straight away to Blodgett ER. I had to drive myself, which really sucked.

I just got back from Walgreen's where I proceeded to wait for 45 minutes (in shear and utter pain) before I broke down in full blown tears to the pharmacist. When I was at the hospital, I refused pain meds b/c I wasn't in pain (and I hate pain meds!) and it seemed like it nailed me all at once, sitting in the pharmacy.


The above was written yesterday and I am happy to report I am feeling a little better today. I am still at home, because the doctor did not want me leaving the house if I was in terrible pain.

To anyone that has experienced this before, I know your pain. This is possibly the worst thing I have ever experienced in all of my 28 years. Pain and nausea that is just indescribable. I called my Dad to fill him in. Right away, he said "well, welcome to the club" Apparently these suckers run in my family, and they are hereditary.

The doctor explained the likely cause as a lack in my water intake. The funny thing is that in the past two months, I have slacked considerably on my water drinking. And they only found one stone when they did the scan. So.....

Lesson learned: Keep on drinking that water!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Spring Fever

It's unseasonably warm here. 58 degrees to be exact.

While I don't mind the heat wave, it is a bit of a tease, and I don't like that. I pulled out of the driveway this morning to see the entire lawn exposed. GASP!! The green grass actually had me fooled into thinking it was March, and not January.

I fear that the 100 tulip bulbs that I planted in the fall, will start sprouting their pretty green tips, and then bam! They will get flash-frozen next time it snows.


There is a patch of grass under our deck that is always green in the Winter. You can often see tracks from the various animals that march down the hill to feed on that patch of grass. Those tracks are gone with the snow now. A muddy, grassy mess remains.

And I secretly hope for the return of Winter. Soon.....


*This is a picture taken on Christmas Day in my parents' backyard. If you look very closely you can see a whole bunch of deer, taking a rest under the spruce trees. If you look even closer, you can see why they love these trees. They offer a nice, hearty meal.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, I am happy to report that the inventory was successful. However, working from 7am-7pm to get it done, is not my kind of New Years party.

Needless to say, I came home to an eager husband who took me out for a lovely dinner, followed by a bath and then it was lights out for me. I didn't even make it past 10pm.

I don't know if it's a sign of old age, or what, but this is the first year that I have not been awake for the awaited ball-drop, or midnight kiss. And it was okay.

Old age? Maybe.

There is a nice, fresh coat of snow on the deck outside, and there is even talk about a sledding trip.

Old age? Wait a minute. I think not!

We hope it's a joyous 2008 for you and yours! Happy New Year!