Tuesday, January 22, 2008

32 Years and I've Had 8 of em'

Today is my husbands birthday. He has made it 32 fantastic years and I have been fortunate enough to have almost 9 of them. I am one lucky girl.

In honor of his birthday, I have decided to name the little things that I love most about him. So, here it goes.

-He is his own philosopher. Constantly thinking, dreaming and hoping.

-He has a way with people. They warm up to him. And he can take anyone's situation and apply it to something in literature. I love that about him. Just the other day he told the story of Dr. Faustus (Christopher Marlowe) to a man we had just met. A man that had just lost his wife and who was angry with God. It was a compelling moment watching him engage this man in a story that this man needed to hear.

-He is my balance. I am crazy. I am high-strung. I get frustrated easily. He is all things opposite ME. He brings me down to a manageable level and makes me realize that life is too short.

-He is the most spiritual guy I know. I have never met someone with a deeper flame and fire for all things spiritual. He likes to look at things deep inside and find their true meaning.

-He is a hippie. He loves poetry, he loves books, he love religion, he loves rock and roll, and all things music. I would have never had the same love for music if it weren't for his influence. I love watching him grab the guitar and start playing, just to find that I have been watching him, silently the entire time. That face when he is "discovered" is priceless.

Mostly I love the way he has about him. He is such a sweet and kind soul. Often a bit frustrated with me, but never really letting it get to him. He loves me unconditionally. No matter what. That says a lot if you really know me!! He is a gentle and kind soul, and he is my perfect soul mate. I cannot wait to spend many more birthdays with him in the years to come!

So, everyone, please raise your glass...and wish the greatest man I know a Happy Birthday! He deserves it more than anyone. Here is to another year, babe.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Curtis! Did he have a picture with Cookie Monster?! Classic!!

I like your hair dark :)

Christina said...

Tell him happy birthday! That is a really nice post. I can relate on some of those points. We're very lucky girls!

apt said...

Emily, what a lovely tribute to Curtis! Well done. And I love the slideshow.

Happy Birthday Curtis!

scott and rach said...

fabulous photos of the two of you!

Beth said...

Whoa, he used to have long hair! So funny. :-)
Happy birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute and celebration. I love the slide show!

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday to Curtis! What a nice write-up!

...I married a hippy too. Aren't they wonderful? :)

Amy Carroll said...

I, too, was digging the long hair!

Happy Birthday Curtis :)

Emily - lovely slideshow!

annenahm said...

Happy belated birthday! What a great post :^)