Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Kidney Stone Club

Yep, I am the new honorary inductee.


I woke up this morning, had a normal routine, ate breakfast and headed out to work. About halfway through my drive, I felt like I was getting a BAD bladder infection. I haven't had one since college, but I know what it feels like. I called my boss and went home. 30 minutes later I was keeled over in pain. Like the kind pain where you want to lay on the cold bathroom floor. I called my doc, who saw me at 10:30. I proceeded to throw up all over here office, and she sent me straight away to Blodgett ER. I had to drive myself, which really sucked.

I just got back from Walgreen's where I proceeded to wait for 45 minutes (in shear and utter pain) before I broke down in full blown tears to the pharmacist. When I was at the hospital, I refused pain meds b/c I wasn't in pain (and I hate pain meds!) and it seemed like it nailed me all at once, sitting in the pharmacy.


The above was written yesterday and I am happy to report I am feeling a little better today. I am still at home, because the doctor did not want me leaving the house if I was in terrible pain.

To anyone that has experienced this before, I know your pain. This is possibly the worst thing I have ever experienced in all of my 28 years. Pain and nausea that is just indescribable. I called my Dad to fill him in. Right away, he said "well, welcome to the club" Apparently these suckers run in my family, and they are hereditary.

The doctor explained the likely cause as a lack in my water intake. The funny thing is that in the past two months, I have slacked considerably on my water drinking. And they only found one stone when they did the scan. So.....

Lesson learned: Keep on drinking that water!


Amanda said...

That stinks!! I hope you are feeling better now! Now I am nervous though, my dad gets them, and BAD! I am happy to be an outsider to the club!

Amy Carroll said...

Oh you poor thing! We have a good friend that suffers with kidney stones and I've seen what he goes through. I hope you never have to experience this again!

ms leo said...

oh emily, that is so sad! my FIL had one and had to miss my BIL's wedding because of it - and he is not the type to complain about anything - those things are PAINFUL. i'm glad you're starting to feel better!