Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sssshhhhh! I'm Sleeping!

I really wish I was a bear right now. Hibernating; never seeing this weather, cold, and bitterness. Before I knew it, it would have passed me by.

Sometimes, I wish I could sleep through these winters. I love them and I hate them. All at once. How does that work? I don't really know, but I know that I can love it one second and loathe it the next.

Yesterday, it was 45 degrees, raining and windy. This morning, there were 2 inch snow drifts, frozen roads and 14 degree wind. No, make that -20 degree wind. It's unbearable, if I dare say so.

I think about how much I love the Spring on days like these....crocuses sprouting up from the ground, new buds forming on trees; that damp feeling in the air. I long for it now. I feel as if I need it now or I am going to burst. It's just too cold. Too cold for anything.

I know I live in Michigan. I know this is what I have endured for all 29 years of my life. I know that this is what we signed up for. But that doesn't make me exempt from whining about it. I am at my wits end.

I dream of warm sun, humid air, and even a 90 degree day. I need that right now. No, I just need a glimpse that this is going away soon. The two amaryllis, and the buds on my orchids are hope enough....for now.

What is one thing related to Spring/Summer that you yearn for now?? Sun? Rain? A temperature above 32 degrees?

I know that there are more people than just me that are needing the Spring!!!


Amanda said...

Not to be critical... but I can't help it! "I really wish I was"? I won't say another word!

ANYWAYS, I can't wait for the sun and the warmth from it!!!!

Kerri said...

I'm ready for spring too. I love that excitement that just seems to be in the air on those first few days of warm weather. It's almost, electric, or something. Everyone is in a good mood. The birds are chirping again. The air smells different (damp maybe?). Love it all. I fully expect to see pics of those 100 tulips you planted.

apt said...

I feel sorry for the first robbin I see. It's going to take all I have not to pounce on it and hug the life out of it.
Kerri, I totally love that part of spring too. OH! There's a poem that describes this perfectly! Looking.

Melissa said...

I cannot wait for spring. So nice.

Beth said...

One thing? Clear, dry roads. Really, that's the only thing I am absolutely longing for right now.

Kerri said...

I've been wondering what the heck this is supposed to mean from the first comment?

Not to be critical... but I can't help it! "I really wish I was"? I won't say another word!

Em said...

Kerri, Amanda is my own personal grammar police officer! It's from the first sentence of this entry. I didn't change it, because I don't care about my grammar! Well, I do, but not that much.

Kerri said...

Gotcha. I found the comment humorous..."Not to be critical". Well, then don't say anything if you aren't trying to be critical! LOL! Lovies, to you!