Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day

About 10 minutes ago, Justin Verlander hopped up on the mound, for the beginning of the 2008 Detroit Tigers baseball season. I never really watched much baseball until I met Curtis. And now, I can say I am officially addicted. I am so addicted, that I just went out to my car to listen to the lineup and the first few pitches. I know, you can say it. I am a dork.

I have been waiting for this day, since we ended our 2007 tour as sadly as we did. It was a let-down year for us Tigers' fans. But, this year, we are back. And we have the lineup to prove it. I am excited and overjoyed to finally see this season kick-off. And even though it's a little rainy, it sure does feel like Spring. Finally.

And now I have to Tiger is batting.

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