Wednesday, April 16, 2008

14 Weeks and MissDig

I am 14 weeks today. My baby is the size of a lemon this week. For those of you that are visual learners like me, this is what I am talking about:

I am not really sure why these websites like to compare the fetus' growth to fruit, but they do. This is actually what the baby looks like in-utero this week. Now, this is amazing. GOD IS AWESOME.

I am feeling pretty good, and my nausea is mostly gone. It's so nice to be in the 2nd trimester. My worrying has diminished a lot, and I feel like I can breathe again. Now, I am just trying to relax and enjoy this time as much as possible.


And now about MissDig. I have a hate relationship with the people that come to mark your lawn. Since we have moved into our house, we have seen this guy way too often. I don't know if it's bad planning on the part of our builder, or what, but 2 years later, we are still dealing with visits from the MissDig man. This morning, he came and marked up our entire yard. Almost into my garden. A few months ago, during the cold winter months, we had some new next door neighbors move in. They took the SBC line and ran it behind our house in order to hook the neighbors up with high-speed internet. We knew they would be coming to bury the line once the ground had loosened up. What I wasn't expecting was them to dig in the FRONT YARD. I mean, they ran the line behind our house. It only made sense they would dig through the back yard, not the driveways, right?? Well, I guess we will see. Every day I come home I am expecting my gorgeous lawn to be torn up. I am really hoping that he was marking our yard out of caution, and not because they are actually going to dig. I guess we will see!!

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