Thursday, April 10, 2008


I came home two nights ago, and I was angry. Very angry. The Tigers had just lost their 7th game in a row, and they were officially, the only team without a win all season. I wanted to cry. I am not joking.

Last night, I buckled myself in for another ride with the Tigers. Game 2 in Boston. Great. Boston. Fenway Park. The Green Monster. Just what we need right now. Trying not to be a pessimist, I sit down and think "we are going to win this game, I just know it."

At 10pm, as I was dozing off, it was the bottom of the 8th and we were up 6-2. I was still nervous that this roller coaster could take me down another dip, because this game was not over. And then it was the top of the 9th, and Carlos Guillen hit one out of the park. He sealed the deal. The Tigers finally had their first win of the season.

The team that we saw last night, was definitely the team we have been expecting. Where have they been for the last week??? Asleep in their winter slumber? I am not sure. I do know that it was relieving as ever, to see this team pick themselves up off the floor and come out with it last night. Now, let's hope it continues.

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Beth said...

I am very glad for you that they finally managed to put one under the "w" category! They were starting to become a joke in our newsroom...