Wednesday, May 7, 2008

17 Weeks

Today, I have a baby about the size of an onion.


I have been feeling a lot more movement. It's more consistent now, and happens about once a day, if not more. I drank a Sunkist orange pop the other day, and I felt 8 taps in a row. I think that is by far the most I have felt so far. I sometimes wonder what my face looks like when I feel the movement. I imagine it's a strange looking face!!

Two weeks from tomorrow, we have our big ultrasound. I made sure to schedule it first thing in the morning, so that we wouldn't have the suspense of waiting all day. As the date approaches, I find myself increasingly nervous about the outcome of that day. This is the day that we find out our baby's gender, but this is also the day that we find out if this baby is healthy. We opted out of all the testing that we could have had done. I had a long discussion with Elizabeth about it, and she said "at some point you just have to trust God." I totally agree. We trust that whatever He blesses us with, is something that we can handle. For that I am so grateful.

Here is a 17 week picture of me. I am always hesitant of this kind of thing, but so many people that live all over the place, have requested a photo, so I am obliging!


Kerri said...

Look at you! Healthy, pregnancy glow, all cute n' stuff. You look great!

Tim & Kate said...

Em, you look wonderful! I'm so excited for you guys! Two weeks is going to fly by!

The Loucks Family said...

You look great and you do need to trust God. I know that is easier said than done sometimes, especially when it comes to the health of your baby, but trust Him. Your baby will be beautiful and healthy!

Elizabeth said...

You look GORGEOUS!!! I love you, sis. :)We are getting so excited with you and are praying, too.


Amy Carroll said...

How CUTE are you Em!?! Love the little baby bump!!

(and LOVE that little niece and nephew of yours...they and their fabulous parents are TOO cute! Look for pics soon...I'm going through a blog upheaval!)

Kerri said...

Hi, Happy Mother's Day!

Keri said...

Thank you for the apology that you posted on my blog. I appreciate that.

You can delete this comment after you read it if you want, since its not blog related.