Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's a.....


We are having a son! I could not be more ecstatic and thrilled right now. I can't believe that I was actually right and my intuition was correct.

This ultrasound experience was so amazing. It truly was the neatest thing in the world to see our little boy, curled up in a ball, resting on his belly. The curvature of his spine in plain view, and each vertebrae accounted for. All 4 chambers of the heart were fiercely beating away at a nice 157 beats per minute. He was a stubborn little guy. He had his hands up by his face; perhaps he is a bit shy. He made it hard to get his heart and facial measurements because his arm was casting a shadow over his chest. He is a silly little man already. We almost didn't get to find out the gender, but at the last minute, he stretched his arms and legs and we got the "money shot."

We are truly blessed on this day! I am just so excited and I know that the Daddy in this house is equally as ecstatic.

Thank you for all of the continued support. I am supposed to hear from my doctor this afternoon on how the pictures turned out. So, stay tuned!


Heather said...

So excited for you!!! So - a new tigers fan is up and coming, huh? :)

The Loucks Family said...

I am so excited for you guys! I knew you were having a boy, I just felt it and I had the same intuition as you and was correct as well!

Little boys are so special Emily, you have no idea until he enters this world - he will have you wrapped around his tiny little finger instantly.

I am so happy all looks well! Enjoy this "high" right now, its incredible.

Jenn ~ Rainah's Mama said...

Congrats!!!! So happy for you.

annenahm said...