Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Millenials

My Dad sent me this link last night. I thought it was really interesting and I think this guy hits the nail on the head in a lot of respects. I feel that our generation is faced with some interesting challenges and ones that this country hasn't faced in quite some time. Things are shifting. It's an interesting time to be a part of this country, and of this world. And I am enjoying being a part of this electoral process.

Here is the link: Any thoughts? Are we in danger of being left out of the American dream?

Here Come the Millenials

Barack Obama is going to be in Grand Rapids tonight. I stood in a long line 4 years ago to hear John Kerry speak in downtown Grand Rapids. It was a good speech, but I still voted for GWB. I wanted to try and make it downtown tonight, but I just don't think it's going to happen. They are expecting 12,000 people or more! I hope to catch the speech on the news in the comfort of my own home. :o)

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Amanda said...

I hope you see the speech, and it has the same results as Kerry, and you can get rid of that silly shirt!

I don't think we will be left out of the American dream, I think there are a lot of other factors that are easily overcome, we will pull through and be successful :)