Monday, June 2, 2008

Concert Season

Friday night, we had our first concert of the season. Most of you know how much we love music, and for as long as we have been together, we have made it to a concert at least 3x a summer. Friday's kickoff was not only the beginning of the season for us, but it was also the first concert on this tour. We saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Steve Winwood.

This is the second time that Petty has kicked off his tour here in GR. The paper went on and on about how our arena is a perfect venue to kickoff a tour without the pressure of a high-profile venue like NY or Chicago. We have the awesome arena, where they can test out all of their equipment, but we also have the small town crowd, which always makes for a great show.

It was AWESOME. Such a high energy crowd, and the band did not let us down. He played all of his amazing hits, one after the other, and the crowd just sang along. When we left, we commented on how much of a "sing along" this concert was over the many others that we have seen. It was mind-blowing and just so fun!!

Steve Winwood also didn't disappoint. Curtis is a HUGE Traffic/Blind Faith/Spencer Davis Band fan and Steve came out playing all of his favorites. He didn't play a single Traffic song, but that is okay, because we saw him play a few last summer at Crossroads.

Overall, it was a great night. Even without a few beers to make it interesting. :o) Oh, and on that note, it was super fun being sober and watching everyone get crazy. It kind of made me realize that you really do look like a fool when you have had one too many!!

Here is the awesome set list and a video I found on You Tube.


You wreck Me
You Don’t Know How it Feels
I Wont Back Down
Even the Losers
Free Fallin'
Saving Grace
Mary Jane
Sweet William
End of the Line

Band intros

The Waiting
Straight into Darkness
Face in the Crowd
Learning to Fly
Don’t Come Round Here no More
Running Down a Dream


Mystic Eyes
American Girl

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Erin Marie said...

That sounds like an amazing show.