Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One More Game

My brother's lacrosse team is headed to the State Finals. Tonight, they won their semi-final game, with a score of 12-8. I am proud to say that the 5th child in our family, made us all jump for joy as he scored HIS goal. He played a rockin' game. Winning the face-offs, and again, scoring that awesome goal. He's fast as lightning. Always has been. I can still see him with his blonde, bowl-ish looking haircut, tearing threw the yard with a stick in his hand. Likely playing some sort of Indian game with his older brother, Nate. It's pretty wild that this one is going off to college already. Where does the time go?

Way to go, dude. We are so excited for you and we think your team is full of something special. The kind of special that dreams are made of.

The final game is Saturday, at Troy Athens High School. Go Rangers!

Here are some pictures that I captured of this awesome victory:

The "Nick Stance" as we so affectionately call it.

Taking a five for the goal he just scored.

Dad playing team doctor for a minute.

How cute are these two????


Anonymous said...

super duper cute children (since you asked how cute!) :) congrats to your brother and his team! ~hgh

Heather said...

yay! congrats to them!!!

Good Luck Rangers!

apt said...

Go Nate!
Those kids are so cute! I was wondering what Jack was looking like these days.

apt said...

Shoot: Nick, not Nate!