Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Speak for the Trees

Does anyone remember that Dr. Seuss book called The Lorax?? I was reminded of that book last night.

We had a city planning commission meeting to attend last night. There is a wetlands area, behind our house, and in between the highway. It's currently zoned as RC-1 Residential. There is a local developer who was seeking to have it re-zoned to I-1 Light Industrial so that he could put a light duty storage facility back there. When we bought our house, we did so, because that area was zoned as RC-1. We were very against the re-zoning proposal and so we attended the meeting to voice our concerns. So did about 20 of our neighbors.

Everyone stood up to voice their opinions on why this proposal should be denied. Most of the complaints had to do with the Master Plan of the city, and property values, and so on and so forth. One of the neighbors, who lives on Burton St., was a young kid who just bought a house there. Part of the proposal was to build a berm with trees to hide the view to this unsightly storage facility. He stood up and started speaking, but instead of the usual property value spiel, he went on about the trees. He said that he opposed the proposal, because there were plenty of beautiful pines that ran along the property already. Why would you need to cut them all down, just to replace them with 20 foot trees?? They are beautiful 50 foot pines, he said. And he opposed it for this reason alone.

When we left the meeting, we both laughed a little bit at his speech, and then we realized the point he had made. It's a very valid one, and one that I totally agree with. Those that know me, know that I have become a little crunchy in these past few months. We are really trying to reduce our footprint on this earth. We have already made some pretty intense strides that I hope to discuss more here as time goes on. But, what I really loved was thinking about this kid as the Lorax. He really was speaking for the trees. Something I think we all need to do a little more of.


The proposal was denied at last night's meeting. However, it goes to the board on July 1, so we have another meeting to attend. All in all, I think it was very important that we were there to voice our opinion. There were three commissioners that were ready to approve it, but denied it due to the lack in support by the local residents.


Amanda said...

20' trees? I bet they would be smaller than that.

Never heard of the Lorax, I love Dr. Seuss though! Schlopp, Schlopp, Beautiful Schlopp!

Kerri said...

Keep us posted on what happens.

I'm glad someone is thinking about the trees. It is pretty stupid to wipe out a bunch of trees to replace them with...uhh, trees.

And I'm with Amanda, where the heck are they going to get 20' trees from? That has to be an exaggeration.