Thursday, July 31, 2008

My littlest sister is all growed up!

Mary is the youngest child in our family. She just turned 17, and she is preparing for her final year in highschool...and her final year living in my parents house. I can hardly believe it. I was looking at her pictures today, and I started to cry. She is so beautiful, and young and full of life. The world is waiting for her and I am so excited for all that is to come in her life!

I asked her permission to share the pictures here and she obliged. I think they turned out really well and I know it's going to be tough trying to pick which ones are the best. There are so many great ones!! I bet it was really hard for that photographer to take her picture (yeah, right!)...Shoot, she's like a model!! All blond and gorgeous!!

So, here they are....The password is lamberts

Oh, and just for fun...a picture of her and I when she was just a little tike. Playing at the pool on a summer day!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am 29 weeks today. At the doctor on Monday, I was still measuring 3 weeks ahead. YIKES!! I am doing great on the GD diet and as a result I had not gained any more weight since my last appointment. This usually isn't the goal when pregnant, but I had gained 8 lbs in one month and that is just too much! My diet and exercise are now helping me with that.

Two days ago, I came home to find a package on my doorstep. It was the bedding!! All neatly wrapped and ready for me to rip into it. I wanted to post a few pictures for the readers here. The nursery is still very much a work in progress, but we are getting there!! It definitely feels more real to have the bedding now.

We are both so pleased with how it all turned out. If you are curious, it was hand made by a woman named Susie at Baby Milan We could not be any happier right now!! Things are really coming together, and it's so hard to believe that in about 2 months we will be meeting our little boy. It really is crazy how time flies!! I feel like we just found out we were going to be parents, and now here I am, mid 3rd trimester, anticipating his birth. AMAZING!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Can Totally Do This

I had an appointment with the diabetic educator yesterday, and it went really well. I am also the proud new owner of this: My new ball and chain.

I feel a lot more in control. And you know, I like control. I need to have a plan. I was going crazy this last week not knowing what I should be eating, wondering if our son was growing into The Incredible Hulk in my belly, and what all of this gestational diabetes stuff was going to bring.

Now, I have a sense of peace and calm. I have a plan. And I feel really good about it.

When I got to the appointment, I was nervous. But, not in a bad way. It was more like nervous excitement. I was finally going to LEARN myself into this whole thing. And it was actually kind of fun. Yes, I get my kicks from meetings with diabetic educators!! No, really. It was nice to have someone explain all of this to me. It has put my mind at ease tremendously.

She gave me a meter right away, and we decided to test it out. It had been at least 2.5 hours since I had eaten. My glucose level was 68. That is way too low. So, I had to eat some glucose tablets, and retest in 15 minutes. After that time frame it was 111. Right back to normal. (70-140 is considered normal) We talked about portions, and carbohydrates, and sugar, and how this was affecting our little boy, and how this would affect me. Did you know that I have a 60% chance of getting Type II diabetes in the future?? Scary. The good news is that this can easily be controlled with diet and exercise. Already, I am having a lot of fun with it. You know, poking your finger is a blast!! :)

We went grocery shopping last night, and it was as easy as ever. When I got home, I made my lunch, complete with WAY more food than I have been used to eating. Today at work, I have my meter, my food, my schedule and my GD how-to-manual. I am armed and dangerous!

I was told to test after all 3 big meals and to be sure that I wait two hours from the first bite. Last night, 2 hours after dinner, my level was 86. This morning, my fasting level was 63 (which can be normal), and 2 hours after breakfast it was 85. So far, so good.

I have to report into the doctor twice a week from here on out. We will discuss my numbers, what I have been eating, my weight, the baby's weight, and all that other fun stuff. I am realizing now that a little monitoring might not be such a bad thing for me. I obviously wasn't doing something right, and now I have 12 more weeks to fix that before our son is born. That is kind of freeing in and of itself. It's nice to know that I AM doing something about this. And I am bound and determined to keep working hard at it. Thanks for the encouragement and the support along the way. Muah!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Homestretch

I am 27 weeks today. And 1 official day into my 3rd Trimester. Yesterday was July 15 and it hit me that my expected due date is October 15. Only 3 more months! WOW!!

I received the phone call I was dreading yesterday. I failed my 3 hour glucose tolerance test, which means I have gestational diabetes. For those of you that don't know what this means, you can read more here. Basically, my body isn't handling the hormones from the placenta, and my pancreas is having trouble keeping up with the appropriate insulin production needed to sustain this baby. So, what does this mean?? Well, I have to see a dietitian, and test my sugars daily with a monitor. Basically, until this baby comes out, I am treated like a Type 1 or 2 diabetic. Most women that have this condition will see it disappear once they give birth, and I am hoping this holds true for me too. It actually affects about 4% of all pregnant women, making it a very common issue for those carrying a baby.

So, I have hit a bump in the road, but I am staying positive. I figure if this is the worst that has happened then I am in pretty good shape. And now I have an explanation for why Peanut was measuring 3 weeks ahead. I also have an explanation for my frequent urination (I am talking every 5 minutes here!!) and my headaches as well. So, at least now I have some answers.

The next step is for me to meet with a nutritionist at Maternal Fetal Medicine, which is the high-risk OB that my doctor refers too. I have shared this briefly with some of you, but I have high hopes of having a natural childbirth. Out of everything going through my head, this is the toughest part for me to swallow. I may have a large baby. I may need to be induced. I may end up having a c-section. All of those things were what came out of the nurses mouth last night. Like I said, I am remaining positive until I have my appointment, and until July 28 when I can sit down and really discuss this with my doctor. We have a history of big babies in our family, so I know my body can handle this. My mother was able to birth my 10+lb self, so I know I can do it too!! I just need the right support chain and I will be all set.

In other news, we think we have a name!! We have been calling Peanut by his first name for some time now, and I think we finally decided that we are going to stick with it. Now we just have to decide what his middle name will be!! Any ideas??

He is now well over 2 pounds, and about a foot and half long. He is getting bigger and bigger, and his kicks and punches make that very evident! He puts on a show for us each night before bed, and Daddy has had many chances to feel his son's very strong soccer kick!! It really is an amazing gift to be carrying this boy, and I can't wait to meet him!!

I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as I attempt to get this GD thing under control. My friend Amy said last night, that I will do it with gusto, and I hope she is right!! Any and all support is much appreciated at this time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


McCain calls for Iraq strategies in Afghanistan

Can someone explain to me how this man knows "how to win wars?"

Didn't we retreat out of the Vietnam conflict?? What war has this guy won??

Just more "rhetoric" from this man that I feel is misleading the country.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

#41 and Vultures

Here are those videos I promised...they might give you a headache, because I can't keep my hands still when I am excited!!! The first is Dave Matthews Band and Tim Reynolds playing #41, and the second one is John Mayer playing an awesome version of Vultures. Two of my favorite songs ever.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I failed my 1 hour glucose test. I now have to take the 3 hour test, and I am not looking forward to it.

Wish me luck on Monday.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Much To Say

I have a ton to say here, and I haven't had a chance to check in, so prepare yourself for a long entry filled with all sorts of goodies!!

First, we returned on Monday from a 4 day music festival in Rothbury, Michigan. It was only about an hour drive from our house. We had planned on this before finding out we were going to be parents, so we adjusted our plans a bit to accommodate the pregnant woman in the house (ME!). We had looked forward to camping for 4 days with all of the crazies, but decided to sell those tickets to my brothers and instead we got a Ranch bunkhouse, right near all of the venues. It was perfect. We had a shower, a brunch buffet in the morning, access to a pool, and shuttles to take us to and from the different stages. It was perfect for me, and I am sure that Curtis enjoyed having a bed and a shower too. We golfed, swam, listened to some awesome music, and just enjoyed the beautiful Michigan weather that was had. It was a great experience, even though we have seen most of the lineup previously. We were not going to miss out on so many of our favorite bands all in one place!! Here is just a brief recap of who we got to see:

After checking in on Thursday, we headed out to see Mickey Hart and his band. We have seen Mickey Hart with the Other Ones and Ratdog before, but it was an experience in and of itself to see Mickey alone. He is the former drummer for the Grateful Dead and his band was awesome. We had a blast getting the weekend started with a little "Fire on the Mountain" and it didn't stop there.

Friday morning, I tagged along while Curtis played 9 holes of golf at the Double JJ golf course. It was so fun riding along with him in the cart! He even let me drive :) Later, we headed over to the Odeum to catch some of The Wailers, and Snoop Dogg. Wow. The Wailers were so good, and Snoop was even better. It was pretty hilarious to watch all the crazy hippies rocking it out to Snoop and his entourage. We headed over to the Ranch stage, right by our cabin, to watch Yonder Mountain String Band. I had never seen Yonder before and this was an opportunity to see what all the hype was about. They were great!! I have a new found love for this band after seeing them live. They also had Jon Fishman on stage with them from Phish, and he played behind the set so well with Yonder. What a great combo!! After that, we headed back to the cabin for a bit to get ready for Widespread Panic. I have seen WSP many times, mostly with my friends at Red Rocks in Colorado. I didn't want to miss a chance to see WSP again so close to home. They were awesome. They blew it out of the water once again, and the set list was amazing.

Saturday was a relaxing day. I was exhausted from so much walking on Friday, so Curtis hung out with my brothers while I took a nap and listened to the Black Keys and Slightly Stoopid from the comfort of my bed. They seemed like they were good, and Curtis really enjoyed both bands. Later on that night, we headed over to the Odeum again to catch the Dave Matthews set. Little did we know that Dave would be playing with Tim Reynolds. What a treat!! I felt like out of all the headliners, this was the best set of the entire week. He never seems to disappoint and this was no exception. It was awesome!!

Sunday was filled with more swimming, and more music. We saw Trey Anastasio who performed with Mike Gordon. We also had a chance to see John Mayer (again) and was a little bummed out when he closed his set 30 minutes before it was supposed to end. We ended up skipping Phil Lesh, because we had both seen him multiple times, and well, honestly, we were tuckered out! It was a long weekend, but well worth the money, and the trip. It was a blast!! I am going to post two videos that I took. One is of John Mayer rocking out to "Vultures" and the other one is Dave and Tim doing "#41". Two of my all time favorites!! Stay tuned!

In other news, I had a doctor's appointment on Monday and was told that Peanut is measuring 3 weeks ahead. Whoa. The doctor is going to see me again in 3 weeks and we will go from there. She mentioned the "I" word and had me a little freaked out (I=Induction). I am likely going to refuse the growth ultrasound that she suggested and just go with it. We are prepared to have a large baby, but my mom did it, and my sister has done it, so I know I can do it too!!

I will put another entry up soon with some pictures and those videos I was mentioning. I just needed to get my thoughts down before I forgot them all!! It was a whirlwind weekend, but one that I wouldn't trade for anything. It was a total blast, and something that we hope to continue in the years to come. Maybe even with our new little one!! :o)

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend!!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I think that being pregnant has made me really reflect on a lot of things in my life. I haven't always been one to slow down and truly look at things in a reflective manner. Lately, it seems like it's all I do. I think this likely has something to do with the fact that I am about to bring another human being into this world, or maybe it's that hormone poisoning, or maybe it's just me getting older and wiser.

In any case, this morning I got a phone call from a very close girlfriend. She's been struggling to conceive a baby for some time now. We have shared a lot of the same frustrations and poured our hearts out to one another in an effort to support each other through the journey to have children. She's been there for me, I have been there for her. She has suffered a loss, something that I never went through, and I have always admired her strength and might through this tough process. So, when I saw her number on my cell phone at 7:30 this morning, I knew that she must have some good news. And indeed she did. She is pregnant!!

Now here comes the mysterious part. God really does work in crazy ways. Mysterious ways. Ways we don't always understand. She told me that she had just filled a prescription for an ovulation regulating drug, and it had cost her $80. They had taken trips to see the RE, they had talked about their options going forward, they had done all sorts of tests on him and her. And then BAM. A line on a test and a baby on the way. I cried in my car on the way to work this morning (this is the hormones!!) out of pure and utter joy for these two. They have wanted this for so long and now they get another shot at it. And the best of all is that it came when it was least expected.

God really does work in magnificent ways. And maybe they aren't so mysterious at all. Maybe this is just all a part of the crazy, wild plan that He has for each and every one of us. He's there to surprise us when we least expect it, and bless us when we most deserve it. Prayers have been answered today, and miracles really do happen. You just have to believe and keep the faith.