Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Can Totally Do This

I had an appointment with the diabetic educator yesterday, and it went really well. I am also the proud new owner of this: My new ball and chain.

I feel a lot more in control. And you know, I like control. I need to have a plan. I was going crazy this last week not knowing what I should be eating, wondering if our son was growing into The Incredible Hulk in my belly, and what all of this gestational diabetes stuff was going to bring.

Now, I have a sense of peace and calm. I have a plan. And I feel really good about it.

When I got to the appointment, I was nervous. But, not in a bad way. It was more like nervous excitement. I was finally going to LEARN myself into this whole thing. And it was actually kind of fun. Yes, I get my kicks from meetings with diabetic educators!! No, really. It was nice to have someone explain all of this to me. It has put my mind at ease tremendously.

She gave me a meter right away, and we decided to test it out. It had been at least 2.5 hours since I had eaten. My glucose level was 68. That is way too low. So, I had to eat some glucose tablets, and retest in 15 minutes. After that time frame it was 111. Right back to normal. (70-140 is considered normal) We talked about portions, and carbohydrates, and sugar, and how this was affecting our little boy, and how this would affect me. Did you know that I have a 60% chance of getting Type II diabetes in the future?? Scary. The good news is that this can easily be controlled with diet and exercise. Already, I am having a lot of fun with it. You know, poking your finger is a blast!! :)

We went grocery shopping last night, and it was as easy as ever. When I got home, I made my lunch, complete with WAY more food than I have been used to eating. Today at work, I have my meter, my food, my schedule and my GD how-to-manual. I am armed and dangerous!

I was told to test after all 3 big meals and to be sure that I wait two hours from the first bite. Last night, 2 hours after dinner, my level was 86. This morning, my fasting level was 63 (which can be normal), and 2 hours after breakfast it was 85. So far, so good.

I have to report into the doctor twice a week from here on out. We will discuss my numbers, what I have been eating, my weight, the baby's weight, and all that other fun stuff. I am realizing now that a little monitoring might not be such a bad thing for me. I obviously wasn't doing something right, and now I have 12 more weeks to fix that before our son is born. That is kind of freeing in and of itself. It's nice to know that I AM doing something about this. And I am bound and determined to keep working hard at it. Thanks for the encouragement and the support along the way. Muah!!


Keri said...

I totally hear you about your love of control and plans. I feel lost and wandering in the world if everything isn't well planned. It gives me anxiety.

Anyway, its good to read an update. I'm glad to hear that things are looking up!

Amanda said...

Glad the appointment went well.

The Loucks Family said...

Em, I am so sorry you have to go through all of this, its worth it for the babe, right? What a rigamorol, like you don't have enough to think about! I love your positive attutidue though, you rock girlfriend!

Tim & Kate said...

I'm so glad things are under control and that you are doing well with your new "toy"!

tiffany_k said...

I can totally relate to needing to be in control and having a plan!

I'm glad to hear you appt. went well. Keep up the positive attitude, Em! You're going to do great!