Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Firstly, thank you to those of you that responded on my previous post. You all had some very encouraging words for me, and I appreciate that very much!!


Last night, we had the opportunity to see K.T. Tunstall at Frederick Meijer Gardens. I wasn't a HUGE fan, but I do love her music, and so we bought tickets awhile back. Let me just say, that I came away a new HUGE fan. What a treat!! She is really great, and her band was awesome too.

She kept us all entertained throughout the evening and she was enthralled with all the names of the cities surrounding Grand Rapids. She thought it was neat that we were GRAND, and that there was a BIG Rapids, that wasn't as Grand as our Rapids is. She also thought that Kalamazoo sounded like a place where people had stretchy legs and wore circus attire. She called the setting at the FMG "GIGTASTIC!" (which it really is, by the way) and overall, she was a great entertainer. We even did her signature "pulsating wave" and the entire crowd went nuts waving up and down the hill.

One thing that surprised me was how pint sized she is. She is a teeny little thing, and out comes this raspy, larger than life voice. And her British accent is awesome. I have a thing with accents. I just love them, and sometimes I wish I had one of my own. Or well, one that didn't resemble whatever a Michigander talks like.

It was a great night out, and even little Peanut liked the music. He was bouncing around in my belly, and I think all that bouncing caused a serious case of the hiccups, because he had em' pretty bad!! I think he is going to like music a whole lot. Just like his Mom and Dad.

Check back tomorrow for a picture of the teeny tiny KT and her rockin' band.


Jill said...

DH said when T was born that we should talk with British accents in the house so our kids would grow up sounding British. I seriously thought about it for a minute. =D

Beth said...

I love KT Tunstall! Couldn't shell out the $$ to see her last night, but we caught her in a free show last November in Chicago and I was just enthralled by how creative of a musician she is! From the looped vocals on "Black Horse..." to playing her guitar like a drum at times - pretty fun to watch. Glad you had a good time - wish we could have gone, too. :-)

Amanda said...

I like her too! And now I forgot what comment I wanted to leave...
Oh! British accents... love them! Good idea to use it around the house so the kids have it... but Joel is HORRIBLE at accents so I would hate to see how Addie would turn out!