Monday, August 4, 2008

Growth Ultrasound #1

We just got back from our appointment with the high risk OB. It went extremely well and we got a chance to see our little Peanut again.

My fundal measurement has been showing that I am 3 weeks ahead, but this ultrasound showed that I am measuring at about 31 weeks. So, just about a week ahead. He is about 3 lbs 10 oz, and he is in the 62nd percentile overall. He does have a big head, but that is genetics playing a role. And I am pretty sure that the head measurement was just to freak out the person that has to push this child out of her body! :o) He is head down and using my bladder as a pillow. I figured he had to be head down because I feel kicks up high and hiccups down low. Sure enough, he is head down and very comfortable in there. Everything looked perfect and it was such a joy to see his little body on the screen again. I have to continue these scans every 4 weeks until I deliver to continue to be sure that the gestational diabetes is not affecting him too adversely. So far, so good.

Here is a picture of his adorable little face. The ultrasound tech said that he has chubby cheeks and full lips. You can really see his chubby cheeks in this picture! What a cutie, right?? We can't wait to meet him!!

Oh, and we finally have a name! Middle name and's a good one, but you have to stay tuned. I can't share it quite yet!


Amanda said...

So you are going to share the name soon???? Anticipation!!!!!
Glad the appointment went well and you got to see your little guy again!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my little nephew is sooo adorable in there!! I can't wait to meet the little munchkin. So glad that things are going so well. Also, you have to tell me the name so I can make your wall hanging!:)

Kerri said...

Definitely a cutie!

Christina said...

What a cutie. In love with those chubby cheeks!