Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1 Week Later

It has been 1 week since we welcomed our little boy into this world. It's been the FASTEST week of my entire life. I can't believe we are here already. It's also my due date today. I have looked forward to this day for so long, and now here it is. And I now have that very special someone that I have been waiting on too!!

Being a mom is the most unexplainable feeling in the world. How cliche is that statement, right?? People used to always say that to me, and I would wonder what that really meant. Now, I know. I look down at Charlie's sweet cheeks, and his perfect nose, and his beautiful little body, and I am in awe. Is he seriously ours forever?? And the fact that we were responsible for making him in all his perfectness is pretty awesome too. There is nothing more special in this lifetime. I know that for sure.

It's been a whirlwind of a week and I feel like we have a real handle on this whole thing. Much more so than I ever expected us to. I was so anxious and nervous about how we were going to handle this parenting thing. I am impressed with our confidence as parents, even though we really have no idea what in the world we are doing. We work together as a team, and it's kind of fun. I told my Dad that I felt really good about how I was feeling, and he said that's because it's instinctual. It just kicks in, and we just do it. Right on, Dad. I agree.

I am so blessed today. And I am so thankful too. Life is good.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We're Home!!!!

We are finally home from the hospital and settling in well.

I will write more later, but I added some pictures to the link below. Enjoy!!

Charlie J

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Charles Jefferson King

8 lbs, 9oz. 19.5 inches long. Born at 2:27pm, October 8, 2008.

We are all doing GREAT!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Excited. Terrified. Nervous.

I had another OB appointment this morning. It didn't go quite as I had hoped it would, but I am starting to be okay with that.

2 weeks ago, I was 1cm and 50% effaced. She said that he was about -3 station, which put him in my pelvis. Today, I was 1cm+ and still 50% but he had moved back out of my pelvis. He's a little dickens already!! It's hard to hear that, especially when you have had some pretty nasty contractions, accompanied by some very intense pressure!! I would have thought my progress was a lot more than what I was told. Hmph.

We also started to discuss my induction, and it turns out that I am tentatively on the induction schedule for next Thursday/Friday. I am a little disappointed by this news, as I was really hoping to avoid the induction at all costs. I have another ultrasound on Monday with the high-risk OB at which point we will have another size estimate, and we will go from there.

I have resigned myself to being induced, and I realize that it's okay. I am trying to remain positive about this entire process, as I don't want my attitude to hinder it at all. I want to enjoy each and every last moment of being pregnant, and I also want to enjoy his birth as much as I possibly can.

The good news is that likely, before next weekend is over, our little boy will be here. And all of this will be hindsight, and it probably won't matter too much. I also know that a lot can change, even in a couple of days time, so I need to remember to keep my mind open and not worry too much.

That is the latest report! I will have another one on Monday after my appointment, and I should have some final photos of our little guy too. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Still Here. Still Pregnant

No, I have not had the baby yet. But, I know his plans are to arrive very soon. I have 2 more weeks until it's "D-day." He has that much time to make his entrance before my doctor will induce me.

Inductions are not fun. Or so I hear. I am nervous about being induced. But, I know that I have to trust God and I have to trust my body to do what it was built to do. Right now, I am working on that trust thing. :o) And I am also working on all the methods I can muster up to get this kid out naturally.

The craziest part of all of this, is that in 2 weeks my life is going to be totally different. Everything that I know now will be completely changed. My view of the world, my place in this world, how I feel about certain's all going to change. I usually don't handle change very well. I like things to be predictable, and the same. And when things divert from that path, I start to freak out a little bit. But, for once in my life, I am not freaking out. Not yet, at least. I know things are going to be different, but it's the kind of different that I am looking forward to. Not the kind that I dread.

Please continue to pray for me, Curtis and Charlie (yes!! That is his name!!). Pray that he decides to come on his own, and if he doesn't, pray that I will be at peace with my delivery. Right now, that is what I am struggling with the most. That, and the lack of control that I have right now!