Friday, October 3, 2008

Excited. Terrified. Nervous.

I had another OB appointment this morning. It didn't go quite as I had hoped it would, but I am starting to be okay with that.

2 weeks ago, I was 1cm and 50% effaced. She said that he was about -3 station, which put him in my pelvis. Today, I was 1cm+ and still 50% but he had moved back out of my pelvis. He's a little dickens already!! It's hard to hear that, especially when you have had some pretty nasty contractions, accompanied by some very intense pressure!! I would have thought my progress was a lot more than what I was told. Hmph.

We also started to discuss my induction, and it turns out that I am tentatively on the induction schedule for next Thursday/Friday. I am a little disappointed by this news, as I was really hoping to avoid the induction at all costs. I have another ultrasound on Monday with the high-risk OB at which point we will have another size estimate, and we will go from there.

I have resigned myself to being induced, and I realize that it's okay. I am trying to remain positive about this entire process, as I don't want my attitude to hinder it at all. I want to enjoy each and every last moment of being pregnant, and I also want to enjoy his birth as much as I possibly can.

The good news is that likely, before next weekend is over, our little boy will be here. And all of this will be hindsight, and it probably won't matter too much. I also know that a lot can change, even in a couple of days time, so I need to remember to keep my mind open and not worry too much.

That is the latest report! I will have another one on Monday after my appointment, and I should have some final photos of our little guy too. Stay tuned!!


Amanda said...

I am SOOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!

Krista said...

Are you going to have this kid on my birthday? Good luck with relaxing this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The big day is almost here. Have fun!

Annnnd for some weird reason, I can't get the identity chooser to identify me.

Anne Nahm

Christina said...

OMG OMG OMG!! Induced next week!! I can't believe it is so close!!! I really need to get back on the baby board to hear updates. So excited for you!! Your link to the baby room didn't work for me and I am dying to see what you came up with..

AmyinMotown said...

You're off having that baby RIGHT NOW, aren't you?

I was overdue with my daughter and making no progress, so I went to my Wednesday OB appointment (I was going twice a week at that point) and he stripped the membranes and scheduled my induction for the following Monday (I was practically pleading with strangers on the street to give a girl a little Pitocin at this point, I was SO OVER being pregnant!).
I passed the nail salon on the way home and thought "You know, I should get that pedicure I had been planning. Naaahh, this kid isn't going to show up before Monday!"

My water broke at 2 am the next morning, and she was here at 8:06 AM :-).

I was home from the hospital before I would have been induced. So, those little buggers come when they will and hopefully your little man will spare you the induction you don't want.