Saturday, February 7, 2009


Curtis interviewed for an internal management position at the bank this week. Yesterday, he received the call that he was the one that they were offering the position to. He swiftly accepted the offer and starts his new job on February 23.

Right before we had Charlie, he left the downtown branch for a position on the lakeshore. It was the same position he was doing downtown, but it involved a small pay increase and a long commute. This new management position will allow Curtis to get out of selling the banks investment products, and allow him to get into the nitty gritty of running the branch itself. He is excited and quite surprised that this happened in this crazy economy. Banks are not thriving, and I could tell he was becoming more and more empathetic to the sales side of his job. Not to mention that he was selling investment products. In a bank. Not exactly the job to have right now!!

We are excited and enthusiastic about this change. It means he will be closer to home, and once again, he got a pay increase. Way to go, Curtis!!


Trinity said...

Congratulations to Curtis!

Christina said...

Excellent!!! A shorter commute means more time with mommy and Charlie!

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