Monday, March 9, 2009


Daylight Savings Time always does a number on me. The addition of Charlie has only made it worse. I had to fight to keep my eyes open all day long. I even ventured out into the sun, to grab myself a caffeinated beverage.

It was a typical Monday. The kind where everything seems to go wrong, and absolutely nothing goes as planned. I got to work, and my co-worker was out with a sick child. The server was running at a snails pace and everyone was complaining about it, so I decided to do an update and see how if it would increase the server speed. In that process, I was asked to install an update for Quickbooks (on the server). I went ahead and downloaded it, and the worst error message I have EVER seen showed up. "Filename is CORRUPT. Please run chkdisk utility." Oh no!! I started to panic, and when I attempted to open the file it read "0 KB" Again, I panicked. And then I spent all morning restoring the backup file from Friday. Thank heavens for $4.95 online backups. I always thought that the $4.95 monthly fee was a waste, but for the first time in 4 years at my job, I had to use it. And without it, I would likely have croaked from a heart attack. :o)

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Christina said...

I didn't know you were the IS guy too!!! That would be so stressful!!! Good for you for correcting it!