Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Fog Has Lifted

A couple of days ago, I was telling my sister how excited I am that it is finally Spring. We were chatting about motherhood, and the challenges therein. We talk about that a lot lately. I am really thankful to have her, because she is an experienced mom of 2, and she knows me well. Talking about motherhood with her, is just like shooting the breeze. I told her the other day about how I was excited to get out of the house, and how I was finally feeling like my old, goofy self again. She said "I know what you mean, it's like the fog has lifted." EXACTLY. That is how I feel.

On Friday, whereas I normally would have stayed home all day, I was encouraged to go walking with 3 girlfriends, and their 2 babies. (Well, three, because I have to count Shannon's in-utero baby :o) It was a brisk day outside, only about 45 degrees, but the sun was shining and I welcomed the opportunity to get out. And I was so glad I actually followed through and got out of the house.

Today, we took Charlie out to eat, FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. Yes, PPD and snow will hole you up in your house for good, or so it seems(ed). We went to Applebee's, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Charlie bopped his head around, checking out all of the people, and we had a nice meal outside of our house. It was amazing. :o)

When you first have a baby, it's a little overwhelming. Maybe it isn't that way for everyone, but it has been for me. As much as I tried to prepare myself for the entrance of our little boy, I was (and still often am!) blindsided by this entire experience. It's a lot to take in all at once. When it's compounded by a fierce Winter, and a little bit of depression, it can really have you crawling into bed, never wanting to crawl back out. But, now that I see the sun, and the flowers, and the grass turning from brown to green, I feel a bit of myself returning too. I realize that Charlie is a part of this family now, and we need to learn to incorporate him into our everyday. As difficult as it might be or as it might seem.

In those early days, I would go to Babies R Us, or Target just to get out of the house for a bit. His schedule was unpredictable, he hated his car seat, and he was often very fussy. It was so much easier just to stay home. Now, he is easy going, and portable, and interested in everything around him. He is learning something new each and every day. Today, his new trick was to roll across the living room floor. Back to front, then front to back, then back to front and so on. He is a joy, and now that my fog has lifted, and Spring is here, I am excited for what the next several months have to bring. I imagine a Tigers game or two, many trips out to Lake Michigan and Gun Lake, Charlie's first experience in a swimming pool, crawling, maybe even walking, babbling, and eating real food.

Each day just gets better and better.


Christina said...

I can wholeheartedly agree with that!

Heather said...

me too. I'm loving this weather. I was getting really crabby (poor DH) and am much happier when I can get outside every day and breath some fresh air.

The Loucks Family said...

What a great post and I am so glad you're enjoying your little boy more and more! It has been a rough winter, I think we're all ready for spring!

apt said...