Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crane Man for Governor

Today, one of my co-workers was driving by an accident scene at just the right time. Wes is one of the road service technicians at my place of employment. He was on his way to see another customer, when a county sheriff flagged him down and asked him to help out. He has a crane on his pimped out service mobile, and there was a young man pinned underneath his truck. Wes was able to use his crane to pull the truck off of the boy.

Crane Man for Governor

The comments are CLASSIC. One of my other co-workers, called Wes and said "hey, did someone steal your truck? Because someone commented on how Wes "has a heart." He really does, but he is one of the most rough-around-the-edges types that I have ever met. He is never a sappy guy, and he would never take the true credit he deserves in this instance. We all had a lot of fun giving him a hard time today. You could see the modesty in his face when his jokester side (the only side!!) came out. He said "well, what are you gonna do when a sheriff pulls you over and tells you to get to work?? I wasn't going to tell him that I had to go change someone's oil!" We all laughed. He is a goof!

Before I left for the day, the last comment on the article said "Crane Man for Governor." You can bet your ass that Wes will never live this awesome event down. He is a hero now. Whether he likes it or not :)


Amanda said...

I saw that on the news! SO cool!

The Loucks Family said...

That is super cool